The Best 23 Miles of Mexican Food

2013/03/23 12:14:32
I don't work for the Tucson C of C. but here's a composite list of Mexican restaurants in Tucson, AZ. Many have been reviewed on here before and there are more restaurant reviews on here about places in Tucson than there are of Phoenix, even though PHX has 3 times as many restaurants.
This gives you a nice consolidated list to work from.,%202013
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Re:The Best 23 Miles of Mexican Food 2013/03/23 14:11:56
Thank you for the list, Foodbme.
I've entered them all into my Icloud to be available on any of my devices.
I'm ready for another trip.  Just won't happen for a couple of years.
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Re:The Best 23 Miles of Mexican Food 2013/03/23 18:44:38
Nice.  I've been about a quarter of those places, Tucson is a great area (and if you like grubby taco trucks, Yuma is phenomenal)