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Wedron Office - Fri, 03/29/13 4:13 PM
I'm an avid Blugill, Sunfish, Rock Bass, Crappy........fisherman. Have been my whole life...
I'm no stranger to catching a mess and frying them up...almost nothing better in my opinion.
I have never seen a restaurant that served Blugill!
Can anyone tell me...are they farm raised, or is someone line catching them and selling them to the Wedron Office? Maybe there is some guy working for the restaurant, whose job it is to fish for Bluegill.....I wonder if they have any openings!

Michael Hoffman
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Re:Wedron Office - Fri, 03/29/13 4:25 PM
It's illegal to sell wild caught bluegills. Most states make it illegal to sell any wild sportfish.

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Re:Wedron Office - Fri, 03/29/13 6:34 PM
I have seen a restaurant that serves bluegill.  It is Clay's Family Restaurant near Fremont, Indiana. 

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Re:Wedron Office - Fri, 03/29/13 9:39 PM
There are a very few restaurants that serve bluegill, but I believe all of them are farm-raised fish. As Michael Hoffman said, it's illegal to serve wild-caught fish, since the FDA can't regulate the quality and safety of them.

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Re:Wedron Office - Fri, 03/29/13 10:31 PM
Bluegill seem to be becoming more popular around here...I see them on menus and marquees somewhat regularly.  I wouldn't be surprised if they're more common in recreational areas where they can also be caught wild.

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Re:Wedron Office - Sat, 03/30/13 8:55 AM
On my last visit to Jungle Jim's, they had live farm-raised bluegill in one of the tanks in the seafood section.

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Re:Wedron Office - Sun, 03/31/13 6:33 PM
I figured they were probably farm raised......I've helped stock a few farm ponds with Bluegills, and some were pretty good growing them large enough to sell as food doesn't surprise me one bit.