2013/04/08 10:11:14
My wife and I are taking a cruise which ends in Montreal.
We are will stay overnight at the Hilton Bonaventure,across the street from the railway station.
We will take Amtrak back to Florida.
Since we are in our eighties ,we are limited in walking very far.
We would appreciate any roadfood dinning suggestions.
Filet Mignon
Re:Montreal 2013/04/08 12:20:17
There are eight Montreal restaurants listed here at Roadfood.  Just go to the home page and, in the window where it says "Find Authentic Regional Eats", type in "Montreal, QC".  You'll get an extensive list of Roadfood-worthy eats.  The first eight are in Montreal proper, the rest of the list includes places within a 150 mile radius.
Have a great trip!
Tony Bad
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Montreal 2013/04/08 13:16:06
There are many places I would recommend, but none within walking distance of where you are staying.
I had a good breakfast at McGill Plaza Restaurant, a few blocks away corner of Notre Dame and McGill, but it is really just a good coffee shop, nothing unique to city.
If I were making the trip I would take a cab here  and stock up for the train ride home. 
Sounds like a great trip! Enjoy and sorry I don't have better advice. I found the area you are staying to be a rather quiet part of town from a food standpoint.


Re:Montreal 2013/04/08 14:49:05
There used to be a pretty decent food court in the Central Station.  Most of the places in that area of town cater to the lunch crowd.  Olive and Gourmande is nearby, between the hotel and the docks. And Schwartz Deli is a short walk (maybe cab for you) the other way.
Re:Montreal 2013/04/08 20:53:18
One more cab ride for you (about 2 miles) to Beautys Luncheonette...
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Filet Mignon
Re:Montreal 2013/04/08 22:09:46
A trip to Montreal is never complete,
With out a sandwich of smoked meat.
I highly recommend Schwartz's Deli.
Enjoy your nosh and have a half sour on me.
Your pal,
Moishe Pipic
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Montreal 2013/04/09 08:41:11
I'll second Schwartz's.
A few other places I've listed on my blog: 
Patati Patata was an interesting little side trip.  And there are all sorts of great places in that part of town, including St Viateur, L'avenue (922 Av Du Mont-Royal East), and the like