Junior Burger
2013/04/23 23:16:00
I am in the process of trying to acquire a cart. Have been working events slinging links out of a food booth but really want to get a cart. Have a potential seller with a cart that I have been looking for. I am in CA so carts have to have refrigeration which really jacks up the price.

My question is have you all any recommendations or success stories on acquiring a micro loan? Or any other interesting ways to acquire financing?

Thanks Fellas
Re:Financing 2013/04/23 23:43:28
it's kind of hard. most places want almost perfect credit. or you can lease. or you can try that kiva zip people are using. maybe you can find a cart in CA someone dont use anymore and is willing to let you work it and make payments on it.
Junior Burger
Re:Financing 2013/04/24 01:08:39
Thanks for the reply. I tried the work it and pay route with another fellow. He entertained it but decided not too. There is a local company that has financed some of the food trucks and other small businesses out here. Going to give them a try. Hopefully it works out.
Re:Financing 2013/05/01 11:54:41
I've learned something from my Fresno CA Health Department last week. You can propose to them saying that you will only cook hotdogs that you can fit into your steam pan before heading out of your commissary. It'll allow you to pass the mechanical refrigeration part. Not 100% sure your HD will let you, but we're both in CA. Worth a shot.

(Although of course you can just bring hot dogs with you and do it at the site, and bring extras and just leave a small hidden ice chest with extra dogs in the car, illegal though if you want to risk. I think one or two steam pan full of dogs is more than enough though.)