Fryer Cleanup Questions

2013/04/30 08:15:54
Looking for some advice on how you guys run your fryer cleanup.  At the end of our first day we allowed the oil to cool to around 250F and then drained it into a 5 gallon bucket through a filter.  There was allot of debris left in the bottom of the fryer itself.  Its hard to get in there to manually wipe it out.  Do you guys just leave the crumbs, flush them out with additional oil or? 
We are frying potato balls with Panko crust and Apple Fries with corn starch.  There allot more debris than I expected.
Re:Fryer Cleanup Questions 2013/04/30 08:28:18
On you tube the is a couple of videos from the fryer makers showing how to clean a fryer,Might give you some insight.I watched them for the same reason.
Re:Fryer Cleanup Questions 2013/04/30 08:39:05
I drain and strain it everyday and whenever the oil is unusable or in feeling ambitious you fill the oil with water let it get to a certain temp and add this cleaner it gets it pretty clean
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Than I break out the garden house and get the rest out
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Third that! Garden hose will be your best friend.  A good boil oil here and there (with water and appropriate cleaner) along with consistent, routine filtering of the oil will keep things quite easy for you.  All that sediment will cause your oil to go bad faster and will eventually give you food an off taste.
Re:Fryer Cleanup Questions 2013/05/01 18:54:55
We don't fry anything with as much debris potential as it sounds like your stuff has, so you might have to oil change more frequently. We change our oil every couple of weeks, depending on business. We strain out debris daily with a fine mesh strainer, but this might not be enough for what you are dealing with.
When we clean the fryer, we drain the oil into a steel pot to let it cool (when cool, pour back into an empty cube then sell it to bio-fuel makers), wipe out fryer reservoir and then fill up with water and start the gas to heat up the water. Add Fryer cleaning liquid to the specifications of your fryer capacity and once it comes to a rolling boil, turn off gas and start scrubbin sides of reservoir until you are happy with the cleanliness. Drain out water, wipe out reservoir again and spot clean any missed areas. Cleaning around any irregular parts, like the thermostat, can be tricky and those areas will just get more build up over time.
I make sure I flush out the reservoir well with fresh water after the original water drain because I want to get rid of all that chemical cleaner. Stubborn build up usually happens around the drain valve, as well.
Good luck! And don't get hurt!
Re:Fryer Cleanup Questions 2013/05/06 12:13:07
Thought I would update what we are doing.  We are doing the chemical boil out as descibed and it works great but we don;t want to do that everyday.
At the end of shift we drain the fryer through a filter into a bucket with a spin on lid.  We use some extra oil to help rinse out the last of the crumbs that did not drain.  Then I wipe the inside out the best I can with paper towels and then call it a day.