Sandwich stand/cart in a college town? Wholesale food biz q's?

foodie mama
Junior Burger
2013/05/07 13:22:12
Dear all,
I am new to this forum, and I have a ton of questions. I am a single mother who works as a full-time restaurant manager. I am in a great need of a second income, so I started guessing about starting my own small food business. I can make extraordinary crepes. I am not sure how popular they would be, though so far I haven't met a person who didn't like them... I live in a small southern college town. The local regulations do not really favor food trucks, plus I do not have that extra money to afford a truck now. What I think about is making sandwiches (or hot dogs?) for students (we have a private college, a community college, a bunch of high schools, a couple of large colleges as well). I checked on some college websites, they seem to have their own food operations (cafes) so I am not sure I could approach those ones... My current employer is a restaurant chain that prohibits me as their salaried worker from working as their competitor. I am not sure how I could possible overcome that obstacle, but I do need that job along with my second potential income.
Another thing I can possibly think about is wholesale food business. The positives are 1. I could work overnight instead of day hours when time is divided between my primary job and kids; 2. I would not have to deal with multiple retail customers which could be pain in the butt... oh well... Has anyone done a wholesale business? If yes, where do I start?
So I guess right now I am in the "thinking it over" process. I am not sure where to start. I know I would need to figure the local regulations and talk to the Health Dept people. In perspective, I would like being self-employed, growing my food biz.
What minimum cash do I need to have to start a small (part-time) food operation? Could anyone share their memories from the first days of owning their own food biz? I need some advice and some confidence that it is worth it doing this kind of stuff... Any ideas are more than welcome. Thanks for reading my message!
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