2nd Annual Strausburg R.R. trip

Junior Burger
2013/05/14 22:15:01
Hey everybody,
     Driving from Albany to the Strasburg R.R. with the pack again, now 4 kids (5, 3.5 , 2 and 9wks!)  and the grandparents are also tagging along. The kids still have train fever, so we are going on a train road trip. We loved Dinner's, City Pizza, and the Lancaster Market and will be doing those again for sure, we'll try to hit Issac's and Good-and-Plenty. Last time Miller's kinda freaked us out, seemed alittle to quite/nice to bring in the wrecking crew. Bird-in-the-hand was horrible, it all tasted liked it came out of dumpster. What's your thoughts of Oregon Dairy Buffet?  Still love diner types and local haunts, nothing to fancy, the 4 kids are good but you never know! So any new places open or places I have over looked?

Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:2nd Annual Strausburg R.R. trip 2013/05/14 23:15:58
just to the East(?) of the railroad.maybe a mile, there is/was a place where you could stay in old cabooses (cabeese?).  They also have a dining area made up of several railroad cars with stuff to entertain the kids.  I think the train actually goes by it on its trip.  the food......ok.....the ambience....especially for kids.....superb!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:2nd Annual Strausburg R.R. trip 2013/05/14 23:18:46
Also, on Rte 30.....just beyond (again to the east) the intersection of 896, there is a diner ( Jenny's?) that is always packed.  I have been meaning to stop, but the hour was always wrong.
Re:2nd Annual Strausburg R.R. trip 2013/05/15 06:14:03
Oregon Dairy is better if you order from the menu. (the Buffet is fairly small) Kids get goody bags. There is a model train running around the perimeter of the restaurant just under the ceiling. Their ice cream, which they make themselves  from their own milk is really good.
The name of the caboose motel is Red Caboose Motel. Friends of ours used to stay there with their train crazy grandson Their verdict; Its fine if you think of it as a camping trip. Great place to take photos of the Strasburg RR as it goes by.
Never ate at Jenny's so I can't comment.
At some point you have to go to Shady Maple, just for the experience(buffet food is okay, breakfast better than Lunch or Dinner).
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Junior Burger
Re:2nd Annual Strausburg R.R. trip 2013/05/15 08:50:24
That's where we are staying again, the boys loved the cabooses last year, and you are right, it is like a camping trip. I know they are in the process of refurbishing most of the cabooses. It's great because there is a ton of kid friendly train activities to do and all with in a couple minutes, plus they liked watching the horses plow across the street. We are also doing the Turkey Hill Experience again, they loved the fact they could try a ton of ice creams and iced teas, plus it kills a couple hours and makes them sleep really well at night!
Double Cheeseburger
Re:2nd Annual Strausburg R.R. trip 2013/05/15 09:21:00
I'm a fan of the Oregon Dairy; really nice people.  I was impressed enough with the breakfast sausage that I asked the waitress what brand they were.  I then asked if the attached market had them and she said they did but only in the smaller size.  She offered to sell me some of the larger size that they use in the restaurant and I gladly bought them.
Kids may like the Jigger Shop in Mt Gretna.  Not train related but VERY interesting town.  The town was originally a Chautauqua.
Junior Burger
Re:2nd Annual Strausburg R.R. trip 2013/05/15 20:57:21
I was thinking, any good bakeries or places to get a good egg and cheese for breakfast? I was thinking we could do a light morning breakfast of fresh doughnut/pastries.
Re:2nd Annual Strausburg R.R. trip 2013/05/16 06:11:49
Well, the best Bakery near the Red Caboose is Michaels south on route 896.
Not sure about their donuts, but fantastic sticky buns. Not sure of hours I beleive they are closed Saturday to concentrate on their Bird In hand Farmers Market stand
You also might check Market Basket grocery store, North of Strasburg on 896  Have not had any of their bakery items, but they are reputed to be good
Can't help with the egg and cheese.
Junior Burger
Re:2nd Annual Strausburg R.R. trip 2013/06/04 07:49:02
Try The Gap Diner for breakfast on Rte 30. Also suggest Shady Maple Smorgasbord on Rte. 23 - bit of a drive from Strasburg but definitely an experience.
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Filet Mignon
Re:2nd Annual Strausburg R.R. trip 2013/06/04 08:57:53
Believe it or not, I found this whoopie pie at the snack bar at the Strausburg Railroad.