Any R.I. Food trucks on here??

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Any R.I. Food trucks on here?? - Thu, 06/13/13 11:29 PM
Hi, my name is Chris. My wife and I are opening a food truck in R.I. We passed HD and Prov FD and are good to go I just had a few ?? I know the restaurant fiasco is always making news we don't want to step on any toes. You can email me @ ill tell you what ??'s I had.
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Re:Any R.I. Food trucks on here?? - Fri, 06/14/13 12:19 PM
So what are your questions? you can speak almost freely here about food trucks.

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Re:Any R.I. Food trucks on here?? - Fri, 06/14/13 1:38 PM
It's the same whether you are in RI or AK, dont set up near a restaurant. It's those that dont abide by common courtesy that have caused the problems. A restaurant can be very helpful to a respectful truck owner, ie running out of supplies. Tick them off and they can be your worse nightmare. Like DWG said, spit it out...  we are cool folks, we dont bite.... (well, no to bad)