Annapolis, MD

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2013/06/19 13:04:25
Ms OC and I were in Annapolis Sunday into Monday.  We had dinner on Main St. down by the Town Dock at a place called Buddy's Crabs and Ribs.  We did enjoy our meal.  Ms OC had a rib basket and three steamed crabs.  I had the "Big Buddy" crab cake.  It was delicious, lots of lump crab and not too much filler.  Great flavor.  The steamed crabs were nice and full of juicy, sweet meat.  The ribs were tasty but a tad over cooked to me.  When MS OC picked up the first one the bone pulled right out.  But the menu did say falling off the bone, so I guess we can't complain.
 They will give you a voucher for two hours at the parking garage across Main Street.
Sorry, I didn't get any pictures but here is the menu:
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Re:Annapolis, MD 2013/06/19 19:19:13
Aw.they have a really interesting menu and then ruin it with Clam "Strips!"!!!!!!!  But next time i'm down that way (prolly not until the Oct boat show)..might give them a try
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Re:Annapolis, MD 2013/06/21 11:01:41
Turns out I did get some pics.  Here are the ribs at Buddy's

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Re:Annapolis, MD 2013/06/21 15:06:14
And the crabs;