Deep Fryer Exhaust Smoke

Junior Burger
2013/06/25 01:46:33
I have an old second-hand Cecilware countertop fryer. It runs rich, some black smoke comes out the stack. Soot accumulates in the tubes and I have to clean it out. I have cleaned the burners well, and dinked around with the shutter. Shutter fully open, fully closed, it still smokes. Is there an adjustment in there somewhere to lean out the mixture (can you tell I understand carburetors better than deep fryers?)
If the guy who sold the fryer to me claimed he had jetted it for propane, but actually he had not, would this account for the carbon buildup?
Thanks for any advice
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Re:Deep Fryer Exhaust Smoke 2013/06/25 23:01:25
Junior Burger
Re:Deep Fryer Exhaust Smoke 2013/06/26 02:22:11
Chef's Supply are the ones who sold me this POS in the first place. When I brought it back bc it was running rich and the overheat sensor failed before the fryer had run for 10 hours, Chef's Supply would not stand behind it and I haven't been back since.
Does anybody know how I can lean this thing out?
Re:Deep Fryer Exhaust Smoke 2013/06/26 03:07:27
Well first off a model number would help.  I googled and found a manual for a GF 10, on page 7 it shows where the air adjustment is for the gas manifold.  You might try adjusting that till you get a blue flame.  About the venturi size you will probably need a pin gauge to see if its the right one, google jet size for gas and you'll get all the info on what size to use for what.  
A bit of searching on the net can take you to most places where you can get first hand info on what you have and some further searching can usually provide answers, it just takes some time to dig it out.
Here's the link for a GF10 manual:
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Re:Deep Fryer Exhaust Smoke 2013/06/26 17:52:16
Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it. I don't have a model number (suspect the aforementioned restaurant supply covered it with a sticker/badge which is REALLY stuck on there). I do have a serial #519638.
Thanks for the link but that explains how to adjust the airflow by way of the shutter which I've already done.
On old Cecilware deep fryers is there generally a way to adjust the gas flow (not the airflow)?
If a fryer were jetted for NG but was run on LPG would you expect it to run rich?
So rich that the shutter would not be able to compensate?
Thanks for any advice
Re:Deep Fryer Exhaust Smoke 2013/06/27 00:37:11
Propane has way more BTU per cf than NG so you may be correct, the orofice may be way too big. Order a propane orofice? Can't be that expensive, rejetting my range/oven was less than 50$.
Re:Deep Fryer Exhaust Smoke 2013/06/28 07:07:30
write to cecilware and ask.they may say oh that model had this problem,they can also tell you the model number if you give them the serial #.The soot to me sounds like it's not burning right(duh)are you getting a blue flame?may not be getting enough air.that isn't where the exhaust is should have air vents somewhere on it.