EZ Generator Switch...Pluggin in at night

Lee Weenies
2013/06/25 07:53:57
A friend of mine has three trucks and plugs in every night to maintain his refrigerator temp. He use's an  EZ GENERATOR SWITCH mounted on the outside of his truck to transfer the load from generator power to normal power. He mounted them inside a weather proof enclosure because they are not meant for outside. either way looks like a great idea for anyone needing to keep there stuff going at night. Just a extension cord and throw the switch, no back feeding, no safety issues They have a web site that I checked out www.ezgeneratorswitch.com   It looks like the intention is for heating, lighting and circuits like that but works well for this application also.  Its very simple to wire I watched an installation video they have on the site, pretty cool stuff. I don't maintain cooling at night but if I did seems like its the way to go. Just passing along the idea
Re:EZ Generator Switch...Pluggin in at night 2013/06/25 08:29:10
I just unplug from the generator and plug into the cord.
Re:EZ Generator Switch...Pluggin in at night 2013/06/26 08:03:30
same here i dont have an electrical panel box....i just use an extension cord from garage to the power strip in the truck