Johnsen's Blue Top 1936 - 2013

carolina bob
Filet Mignon
2013/06/28 22:54:46
I just learned that Johnsen's Blue Top Drive-in on US41 in Highland IN closed recently. This place has been a northwest Indiana icon since 1936 and was known for serving some pretty good burgers ( I've had them and they lived up to their rep ) along with some of the most colorful neon in the region. A real loss.
Re:Johnsen's Blue Top 1936 - 2013 2013/06/29 18:00:53
Any idea of the reason(s) behind the closing, Bob?  When was the last time you visited?
carolina bob
Filet Mignon
Re:Johnsen's Blue Top 1936 - 2013 2013/06/29 19:04:40
Brad, the last time I ate there was back in '09 or '10, before I moved down to southern Indiana for my short stay there. I only found out that they had closed last week when I had reason to pass through Highland. Their website is still up and shows 2013 as their final year, so the closing must have been in the last few months. Also, the website mentions their financial difficulties and the problems they were having keeping their heads above water, so it looks like money woes was the primary reason for calling it quits.
Filet Mignon
Re:Johnsen's Blue Top 1936 - 2013 2013/06/30 09:44:39
My last visit was 5 years ago...and it had slipped drastically.  Previous visits were much as Bob described with a good burger, great nighttime neon and a little sherbert to wash things down at the end.  We visited on a car show night that drew only 6-8 vehicles.  You hate seeing these places close but my final meal was so bad, I never went back.