Eisenberg hot dogs

Junior Burger
2013/06/29 00:46:01
Has anyone tried Eisenberg hot dogs? They are cheaper than Vienna Beef. I  saw them at a new food supply store I was checking out.  Just curious if anyone tried them or sell them I didn't want to buy a box and they suck then I have a box of crappy hot dogs sitting around my house.
Re:Eisenberg hot dogs 2013/06/29 10:44:08
Personally I would say stick with the VB, It is a solid product with a long standing reputation, and they send you free marketing and advertising stuff all the time. The more you buy, the better the stuff they send you gets.
Re:Eisenberg hot dogs 2013/06/29 13:07:25
unless you can find dave berg dogs like some theatres use. nothing like a 6.50 dog
Re:Eisenberg hot dogs 2013/06/29 13:10:09
p.s. How about going on a dog tasting trip? search the net for all places that serve hot dogs and go try them. this also includes theatres and theme parks if you can. write down where you went and what type of dog was served and decide what to use. a hot dog is just a dyed sausage. and there are dozens of them out there.
Junior Burger
Re:Eisenberg hot dogs 2013/06/29 13:56:27
I have kind of been going on a taste test I just saw this and thought about them.  I use bakers and Chefs from Sams Club right now they're good cheep dogs Just looking for something with a higher dog to pound ratio that is good but not paying an arm and a leg for.   I sell in a depressed area and $3.00 sometimes is a hard sell going scouting for new spots this weekend.  Thanks for the input.
Re:Eisenberg hot dogs 2013/06/29 23:00:34
If IRecall the sams are 80 to a box...8 or 9 to a pound, 3.00 is too much for those dogs
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Eisenberg hot dogs 2013/06/30 18:44:56
Completely unrelated: when I saw "Eisenberg" hot dogs, I thought "Escher" hot dogs. And, of course, a slogan: "So impossibly good, they're surreal!"
Re:Eisenberg hot dogs 2013/06/30 18:59:53
 @ bartl
Re:Eisenberg hot dogs 2013/07/28 00:57:12
Saw my first Eisenberg's cart today at a Fry's Market (Kroger) at Baseline & Gilbert Rd in Gilbert AZ!
I had just eaten, wasn't hungry and in a hurry so I didn't stop but I'll go back one day soon and check it out!
He had an Eisenberg Umbrella on the cart! 
Never heard of Eisenberg's until I saw something on here some time back. My curiosity is aroused!!!
Junior Burger
Re:Eisenberg hot dogs 2013/07/28 02:33:34
I used them for the first time few weeks ago at a car show and converted a few VB lovers over they are a good dog and a little bit cheaper price then Vianna Beef.  I really liked them and my son who is 7 sucked down a 1/4 lbs dog like it was nothing.  He is my official taste tester:)