loading a 100 lb tank

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loading a 100 lb tank - Mon, 07/1/13 1:34 PM
I have 4 100 lb propane tanks that i need to fill,I know where to do that,My question is how do I get them back up in the mounts on the trailer?I read there about 130 lbs each full.and one made a rig or have some easy tricks with out having ten people help.I.e doing it myself.ground to rack is about two feet.(trailer A frame).

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Re:loading a 100 lb tank - Mon, 07/1/13 3:19 PM
Take to a LP filling station or dealer and have them filled on the truck. As an old contractor we had LP companied come around weekly in winter to fill everything up

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Re:loading a 100 lb tank - Mon, 07/1/13 4:11 PM
Back the truck up as close to the side of the tounge as you can get, stand the tank upright, lean it back a bit supported by your thighs, grab the top and kind of man handle it over to the far mount first, rinse, repeat.
Or.... You can have one other person help, both grab the top and bottom... Easy!
I did like this for two years...... Those tanks full are closer to 185.

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Re:loading a 100 lb tank - Fri, 07/5/13 5:46 PM
I use a hydraulic engine hoist I got from Harbor Freight for a $100.
My tank mounts are about 3 feet off the ground. This works GREAT.
I can change out a tank in 5 minutes or so.

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Re:loading a 100 lb tank - Tue, 07/30/13 11:56 PM
My refill station can take rack mounted 100 LB containers mounted in the back of trucks, i believe they attach a grounding clip to the tank before they transfer. can you call around and see what other ports offer?