Tacos El Gordo...Vernal, Utah

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2013/07/09 15:36:56
In keeping with my Roadfood Mexican food quest here's another place that I hit on my last trip out West. It started as a food truck and moved into an abandoned gas station. Not a heck of a lot of ambiance, but great food with all the standard Mexican sodas including some great horchata. I'll be staying in Vernal on my way to Telluride, CO and you already know where I'm having dinner. Check out the pics in the link.
Re:Tacos El Gordo...Vernal, Utah 2013/07/09 16:29:31
I visited Vernal, Utah many years ago on a dinosaur fossil tour.  It's home to Dinosaur National Monument, which is a fantastic place to see.  There was also a store selling fossils, and the store's name was "Remains to be Seen." Vernal is near Utah's border with Colorado, and the town of Dinosaur, Colorado is the first town on the other side of that border.  Many of the businesses on both sides of the border have dinosaur-themed signs and names.  It's a hoot.
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Re:Tacos El Gordo...Vernal, Utah 2013/07/12 23:35:05
I saw quite a few dinosaurs in Vernal.


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Re:Tacos El Gordo...Vernal, Utah 2013/07/13 08:13:08
Nice pics...yeah, kind of a dinosaur theme in the area. It is always HOT there. My last bike trip I left Jackson Hole at 27 degrees (in July), and got into Vernal it was 97! Luckily my hotel has a nice pool. I'll be back there next Sunday. Tacos for dinner.
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Re:Tacos El Gordo...Vernal, Utah 2013/08/03 13:20:27
I'm bummed...arrived in Vernal, UT starving and ready for this joint. Alas, they were closed it being Sunday. Darn Mexican Mormons. I had a HORRIBLE overpriced Chinese buffet instead. Maybe next year.