Deep fryer advice

Junior Burger
2013/07/28 16:10:05
Hello I am looking for a LP fryer $1200 or under that has decent temperature recovery and can hold up to me frying wings and fries for 4-6hrs at a time.  Frymaster is the best I hear/read but they are pretty pricey.  How about Pitco? ANETS?  Imperial?  There are so many fryers out there.  This will be going in my food truck eventually.
Re:Deep fryer advice 2013/07/28 17:40:13
We are going to need some more information.
What size are you looking for? 
18lb counter top
The price point you stated would lead me to believe you are looking for a 35-45lb range deep fryer.
Vulcan is a quality brand with a good name in the industry.
Frymaster is good too, I have never used a frymaster, but know of many in service.
Pitco is a leader in the HIGH volume chicken shacks
Dont have any experience with ANETS or Imperial either so sorry no luck there.
Re:Deep fryer advice 2013/07/28 18:57:57
I just purchased a new Dean deep fryer. 35 pounder I think, pricey at $900.00. Recovery rate is fantastic. I wanted a Fry Master, but it looks like Dean bought out Fry Master. The carton had Frymaster written all over it. My old FM were a lot easier to clean and work on. Cleaning was taking the screen in the tank out and reaching down inside the pot and wiping it out. The gas control valve was up front so it made it easier to replace and maintain. This Dean is harder to clean and the gas control valve will be a PITA to replace when the time comes.  I purchased this one site unseen. Next time I`ll know better. I would recommend not purchasing one as I have if going in a food truck. But then, I know nothing about food trucks. Just seems it would be hard to maintain in close quarters.
Junior Burger
Re:Deep fryer advice 2013/07/28 19:49:32
Cool, yeah I am looking for at leat a 35/40 lb fryer or possible a 50lb.  Frymaster owns Dean, I was told its there cheaper line of fryers.  @Cajun King: what would you say has the best value and recovery rate for doing fried chicken wings?
Anyone know of any equipment review sites?
Re:Deep fryer advice 2013/07/29 15:44:33
What volume of wings are you doing?
My vulcans could easily hold their own and the recovery time was minimal.  That of course depends on the load.
Re:Deep fryer advice 2013/07/29 21:28:53
I would steer away from Imperial and especially any brand of light duty equipment.  With what you're looking to pay you might have to find a deal on some new equipment but I'm sure some digging will pay off.  Dean/Frymaster, Vulcans, Pitco, etc. are all stand up products.  Pressure Fryers are the bees knees (Henny Penny, etc.)  Especially if you're looking to pump out raw to cooked wings with a quickness.
As for review sites I haven't really seen many.  Might not hurt to drop by a Buffalo Wild Wings (or whatever comparable venue you might have locally) to see what they use and what they think.  Might be able to buy the KM a beer and pick his brain.  I'm sure they'll have some input on what works and doesn't (and why they use the fryers they do). 
Cheers and good luck!!!
Re:Deep fryer advice 2013/07/30 16:26:10
I didnt even consider the pressure fryer way to go.  Thanks fishscale.
Re:Deep fryer advice 2013/07/30 20:04:09
Gladly!  I would love a couple pressure fryers...those things are so cool.  Plus would make frying chicken on the truck an actual possibility (well, for time reasons anyway).  One day!