To go boxes?

Junior Burger
2013/07/31 12:10:32
Do any of you restaurant owners feel that to go boxes are a larger expenditure than expected? Most polystyrene foam boxes range from 8 to 23 cents per box. If an offer came along to get those boxes at more than half that price, would you take it,or remain loyal to your supplier? Just curious! Thanks
Re:To go boxes? 2013/07/31 12:27:30
Jordon, I`m in this business to make money. I would not be loyal to my supplier.
Re:To go boxes? 2013/07/31 14:11:17
I would have to agree with FT.  All those pennies will eventually add up to some good savings.  The only way I would see staying with a supplier at the higher price is if they were a friend or a local business, I try to source stuff locally when I can, but unfortunately the local stuff is usually much higher.  So I stick with the vendor who can deliver the lowest prices.
Re:To go boxes? 2013/07/31 16:54:28
I would like to see something that doesn't look sooo white foam container,and is at the white foam container price.
Junior Burger
Re:To go boxes? 2014/01/13 04:48:50
I agree with everyone. You must always look at the bottom line. if your regular supplier can match with the price of the new supplier then continue to purchase from him. A word of advise don't complety cut of the current supplier you might need him one day. That is what I am doing now. I explain to all my suppliers that I am also a businessmn and need to make some profit.
Buck & Vi's
Double Cheeseburger
Re:To go boxes? 2014/01/14 14:56:44
I have to ditto w/everyone else, I have a supplier but...things like boxes etc, I can get better at sam's so that's where I go, we use 9x9 5x5 & 8x7 I buy the big and little from sams as they don't carry the med. boxes those I have to get from supplier. we also use 80/20  angus by the case  which is cheaper  than from supplier.go where the deals are. but I also try to do as much as we can from supplier. they do have specials and also are hooked up to a lot of good chefs....that can give some good points,, p.s. not any where near the likes of buba,or PNW CHEF.. but not to bad..
Re:To go boxes? 2014/01/15 20:41:57
what are you selling?
Junior Burger
Re:To go boxes? 2014/01/30 23:57:33
Always shop and go with the best price. Pretty simple business practice, IMO.