!993 Chevy P30

Junior Burger
2013/08/03 20:56:34
My wife and I have been in the restaurant business all our lives.We have owned 2 and worked at 3 in over 40 years. We are both ready to retire and have bought a 1993 Chevy P30 from the fire department here in our small town. Only has 98.000 miles with a diesel engine. New red paint with FD decals on both sides. We are going to serve tenderloin sandwiches and other simple things like french fries and hamburgers along with a daily special. Just a few days a week and prolly lunch only. We have a great spot along a major 2 lane highway here in NW Ohio with electric. 
I have read with great interest for the last year this forum about the many truck builds and good things along with the bad.
The interior is 6'6 tall with two vents in the ceiling with fans. Width is 6'9 with plywood on side walls and 14 feet long.
We have talked and are friends with the HD here since we have a restaurant now. She gave us all the requirements for a food truck, which I couldn't believe how easy it was. No hood required no Ansul system, just have a smooth surface on floors walls and ceiling along with a 3 comp sink and a handsink. grey water tank 15% bigger the the fresh water and a back flow preventer. That's about it. I know the truck would be too hot and greasy without a hood so we will install one. Prolly one fryer and a small flat top is all the cooking equipment we will have. All propane and an on demand propane water heater along ith a roof ac.
Anyway I wanted to introduce myself and tell about our new project. We are not in a hurry but are excited to  get started.
Thanks for this forum and all the great information and help. It will be of great value to us along the way.
Re:!993 Chevy P30 2013/08/03 23:58:57
Sounds great and welcome!
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Re:!993 Chevy P30 2013/08/04 20:34:32
Sounds like a piece of cake with your background and some very easy to comply with HD rules. Good for you. If you need help with posting pictures before you reach your required minimum number of post shoot me a note and I'll post them for you.