Dead chain help: Shrimp Boats?

2013/08/08 22:23:57
Okay, I still have a lot of work to do before I'm ready to put together a post at my blog, Marie, Let's Eat!, about the Shrimp Boats chain, and so I'm hoping that any errors that I've made can be spotted by you good people before I get too far.
From about 1959-1968, the chain was called The Shrimp Boat, and they had trailers that were shaped like ships.  An example of the structure and its logo can be seen here:
There are five known survivors of this era of the chain.  One is in Rome, GA.  Two others are in Rock Hill, SC, and the fourth is in nearby Springdale.  The last is in Gastonia, NC and while it uses that logo, it is in a big brick building.
From about 1968-1974, we come to the ones that I'm curious about.  These all seem to have used a set design for the buildings with a steep framed roof.  You can see the building at one of the two survivors of this period, in Milledgeville GA:
The other survivor is in Durham NC.  During this period, the logo was modified and it became Shrimp Boats - with an S.  I understand that there were 95 stores in the chain at its peak.
I have identified the following surviving buildings, which are currently homes to other businesses, or vacant:
Atlanta area:
1. Collier Rd near Moores Mill, been Patrick's Sub Shop for 25+ years
2. Marietta, Sandtown Rd near Powder Spgs, now El Pollo Dorado
3. Smyrna, So Cobb Dr near Pat Mell Rd, now Dupsie's Clothing
4. Chamblee, Peachtree Rd near Johnson Ferry, now vacant
Macon area (thnx to Southernfried):
1. Pio Nono Ave, now lottery store
2. Warner Robins, Watson Blvd, now Gold Buyers
And I also know that there were locations from this era that used the frame design that have since been demolished:
Atlanta GA - Mableton - Bankhead Hwy
Macon GA - 3 stores identified by Southernfried
Ft Valley GA - bldg demolished in the last five years
Athens GA - survived independent until 1994, replaced by China Boat, vacant, demolished 2012
Gaffney SC - demolished recently
Chattanooga TN - Brainerd Rd - demolished 1974
So, three part question:
1. Are my facts right, or did I get something - anything! - wrong above?
2. WHERE WERE THE OTHER STORES?  There were 95 of the darn things.  I've only identified 21 of them.  Did you have a Shrimp Boats in your town or community?  Was the Chattanooga store the only one ever in Tennessee?   Did the chain make it to Florida, Alabama, or Virginia at all?
3. If you know where another The Shrimp Boat / Shrimp Boats was, can you tell me which type of building it was - the boat - slash - modified boat, or the framed roof version?
Many thanks!
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Re:Dead chain help: Shrimp Boats? 2013/08/10 19:19:18
These might help
Raleigh NC US 401 near Tillery Pl now Econo Auto Sales
Bayonet Point Fl  US 19 Best Choice Auto Sales
Florence SC  400 block W.Palmetto Sheley Dential clinic
All are the later buildings.Some are on my Flickr Roadsidequest photostream
Durham was almost 100% as built until a couple of years ago
Re:Dead chain help: Shrimp Boats? 2013/08/10 20:38:56
Thanks, Robby!  I have found what must have been all the remaining Atlanta area locations thanks to the period city directories - five more, one which might still be standing in East Point - and yours is the first confirmation of a Florida store.  Most appreciated!
Re:Dead chain help: Shrimp Boats? 2013/11/13 05:23:34
More than three months later, I finally have a chapter together.  I visited one of the surviving, independent Shrimp Boats and have lots of pictures of former, repurposed buildings, and all sorts of information to share.  Everybody have a look: