Where to eat in Cape May NJ?

2013/08/14 22:31:47
We have friends staying a few days in Cape May in Early September. Any suggestions for restaurants and such
, especially seafood!
   Thanks in advance.
Re:Where to eat in Cape May NJ? 2013/08/15 06:20:43
Lee, not a lot of roadfood in Cape May but good upscale food for sure.
For seafood we have always likes Axelsons Blue Claw, which has a traditional seafood menu in the harbor area. The famous venue is Lobster House, but the waits are long and the seafood mediocre. The seafood market at Lobster House does have excellant fish and seafood, but this will only work if they have a kitchen.
Other reccomendations.
 Mad Batter or Georges
Sandwiches: Depot Market Cafe, or Westside Market in West Cape May(the latter is pretty much takeout only)
 Lucky Bones
upscale: Washington Inn
Ice Cream; Dry Dock(also good burgers/fries)
We have found biking to be the best way to see Cape May Your friends should be sure to go to the light house(beautiful views if you can climb the 199 steps) and Sunset Beach.
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Re:Where to eat in Cape May NJ? 2013/08/15 22:50:33
     Thanks so much for your suggestions. I've passed it on to our friends. I checked Washington Inn on the wen and it looks great.
                                                                   Thanks , again
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Re:Where to eat in Cape May NJ? 2013/08/16 08:48:32
I have had better results at the Lobster House that Brookquarry.  I have been there several times and each time my service and food was outstanding.  A nice option is the view and the dock and the seafood market located adjacent to the restaurant and the huge fishing vessels that dock and off load there.
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Re:Where to eat in Cape May NJ? 2013/08/16 12:30:38
I have eaten at the Lobster House about 5 times.always a pleasure, although nothing out of the ordinary.  Service tends to revolve around eating times....go early or late for better service
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Re:Where to eat in Cape May NJ? 2013/08/16 14:19:32
We have eaten at the Lobster House many times, but we have never been in the restaurant.  We get takeout and eat at the tables on the dock by the fishing boats.  Once we were there in cold weather (they have some great specials in the off season, like buy 1 get 1 seafood combination)  so we ate in the car out by the bay.
Re:Where to eat in Cape May NJ? 2013/08/16 14:43:34
We spend some time every summer in North Wildwood. We occassionally go to Cape May. Usually, shopping on that blocked off street- Washington?. And we catcha bite there - usually at The Ugly Mug - it's reasonable, food is good. I can find low-carb meals, while still having a nice selection of items for my wife and kids menu. Speaking of which, if you have kids, be sure to go to the Popcorn Factory. They have a gazillion flavors, and some sound weird, but my kid loves even some of the odd ones. they let you taste any of them. Fun place - a little touristy, but worth it if you are a popcorn afficionado.
If you ever want suggestions in Wildwood, I'm glad to assist.
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