Charlotte N.C, to Atlanta

2013/09/07 16:58:13
Yes I know, this has been asked before.  Only 2 days and want to pack in all the fun and good food! And I am looking  for a comedy club too! I have a list of places I want to enjoy, but in relation to a comedy club/ and or classic museum.. Need to book a room also .. this is a "girls" trip so if anyone has a idea, please help! I have looked at Chamber of commerce until my eyes are screaming! What will ya have  What will ya have!! Yes on list.. And Mary Mac Tea room.. are they still just as good? Do I need to change food? And how on earth shall I find a comedy club in Atlanta that is funny?? Please help my Road food friends!
Re:Charlotte N.C, to Atlanta 2013/09/07 20:25:22
I have a friend that now lives in Atlanta, and she loves this little eccentric place in the Buckhead area.  It is called Cafe Jonah and the Magical Attic.
As for comedy clubs Laughing Skull Lounge has been rated #1 for last 2 years, and the Uptown Comedy Corner are probably the two best in Hotlanta, been to both and it depends on the comedian
Re:Charlotte N.C, to Atlanta 2013/09/07 21:56:05
The Vortex intown location actually has a comedy club in the back of it. Great burgers and a show could be a cool evening.
My apology to CajunKing for not reading all the way to the end of his post. BTW thats 2 votes for The Laughing Skull Lounge..
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Re:Charlotte N.C, to Atlanta 2013/09/08 14:19:26
Thank you both very much for the info, Sounds like Laughing Skulls will be getting a visit!
Re:Charlotte N.C, to Atlanta 2013/09/08 15:29:43
Laughing Skull is not a bad idea, but double-check the calendar at The Punch Line before you decide for sure.  The Punch Line is probably the city's best-known:
As for where to eat along the way and while you're here, I hope that you'll bookmark the Marie, Let's Eat! map:
Honestly, Mary Mac's is feeling its age and getting a little more touristy with every passing year.  It's nowhere as dire as what's become of Pittypat's Porch, mind.
As for museums, the High Museum of Art is terrific, and so is the Atlanta History Center, Fernbank, the Atlanta Botanical Garden, and the Center for Puppetry Arts, and each of these places has very good restaurants nearby.  Fernbank, in particular, you're about five minutes' drive from Decatur and you'll have no end of great choices for something to eat, like Chai Pani, Taqueria del Sol, Brick Store Pub, Raging Burrito, and Victory Sandwich Bar.
Re:Charlotte N.C, to Atlanta 2013/09/08 19:30:32
Heartbreaksoup, Thank you very much!  the Museums are tough one to choose! Love the input . I don't get to trip often, and it'd been 6 years for the "girls trip' We love to eat.. and Diet? heck we are leaving them at home! We are leaving Thursday.. Anyone else? I love the helpful info from my Road food family!