Some unique hot dogs

2013/09/08 10:03:11
I just found these by accident and I'm going to order when I get a chance.. not only do they have regular hot dogs, but they have
Gyro Dog (beef & pork with mediterranian spices), Pepperoni Dog, and Buffalo Dog.
John Fox
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Some unique hot dogs 2013/09/29 14:19:54
The company sent me 4 packages of these franks. All but the gyro dogs which they were out of.
Had 2 of these franks for lunch. The all beef and the beef/pork. Both were outstanding. Long and thin; 6 to a 13 ounce package which comes to between 6 and 7 to a lb. A good size. I like that the ends hang over the bun. You taste those end bites without any distractions. The casings had the perfect snap, and I loved the texture of these dogs. The beef/pork had a slight tanginess; perhaps due to the celery powder. Very well balanced flavor; not overpowering. I would describe it more in the style of a Connecticut frank than a Jersey butcher dog. 
The all beef frank was very similar to the beef/pork as far as flavor. Not as tangy. I would describe it as rich, slightly smoky, and not as heavily seasoned as a Nathan's, Sabrett, or Hebrew National, but still in the New York style. Again, very well balanced. These dogs are made of high quality meat and no preservatives. Definitely high end and worth the price. Next time I'll try the pepperoni and Buffalo dogs. Not as optimistic about these.
Re:Some unique hot dogs 2013/10/03 22:29:57
Thanks for the feedback. Based on your other feedback I definitely want to be optimistic about the pepperoni.