Crack my cake

2013/09/26 08:33:11
My cakes always crack and I am sick to death of it. I have tried putting the bowl of water in the oven but even that doesn't work. Could it be the seal on the oven door has gone? I am desperate for answers or help. Can someone please tell me what I am dong wrong?
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Re:Crack my cake 2013/09/26 09:14:17
It's possible that you're overbeating the batter.  Chemical leavenings begin to work when they touch liquid, so if you beat the batter too long it can definitely affect the volume.  I don't know if that's the problem, but you might try less mixing.
Another thing you could try are cake baking strips which you can add to the sides of your pans before you bake.  I don't know how they work, but apparently they can keep cakes more flat on top, rather than peaking.  There are several vendors for them--just google it.
Good luck!
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Re:Crack my cake 2013/09/26 12:07:57
Usually it's overmixing, but sometimes it could be that you're using too high a shelf in your oven. Sometimes it's that you might have left it in too long (I always test cakes with a toothpick about 10 minutes before they're supposed to be done). Or, your oven could be cooking hot, which makes the outer crust harden before the center does, causing cracks.
I believe I've made one cake ever that didn't crack...I just make up for it with frosting.
Re:Crack my cake 2013/09/26 12:27:54
I've found the perfect remedy to crack cakes.  It also works with cheesecake.
Rename them!
Mine are called California Fault Cakes.
Re:Crack my cake 2013/09/26 19:48:12
Felix - I agree about filling the crack with the frosting or the fruit topping (when making cheesecakes)
I would beat less, lower your rack, check your temp in your oven with a real thermometer not just your built in temp gauge, and then check your batter about 10-15 minutes before the time stated on the box.