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2013/10/01 11:38:14
My wife and I are planning a trip to Ithaca, NY to visit my son on "Parent's Weekend" at Ithaca College in late Oct. On our previous two trips to Ithaca (orientation & fall semester drop-off), we were fed by the college (no comment..) and ate fast food. This time we would like to take our son to dinner someplace nice, but not too expensive. Can anyone recommend some restaurants either in Ithaca or nearby? Any cuisine is OK. Thanks in advance!
Re:Ithaca, NY. 2013/10/17 11:04:01
Thought I would bump this back to the top. Our trip is coming up in about a week and still hoping for restaurant recommendations in Ithaca.
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Re:Ithaca, NY. 2013/10/17 13:16:49
We ate at Antlers a couple of months ago.  There were nine of us and everyone loved their meals.  I had the haddock as I grew up eating that in central New York.  It was fresh and delicious.  You won't go wrong here!
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Re:Ithaca, NY. 2013/10/17 14:49:49
I know it's quite expensive, but for an excellent steak dinner, I'd recommend John Thomas Steakhouse, which is about a mile south of Ithaca College on Danby Road (route 96B). It's my favorite restaurant in the Southern Tier and almost as good as Peter Luger's (plus they take credit cards).

I tried to include the Roadfood and John Thomas links but somehow, they don't appear in the final post.
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Re:Ithaca, NY. 2013/10/17 15:01:47
I grew up in Syracuse, my first job was teaching up the road from Ithaca in Union-Springs. We used to go to Ithaca all the time to eat. But, I was a young teacher, so we usually hit pubs.
Anyways, there are LOTS of good restaturants. I would second going to Antler's. try Agava's for southwestern decent food, Ithaca Ale House for an excellent burger in a sleek taproom, Simeon's on the Commons is a tradition - an traditional food is the best best, like their potroast, shortribs, franch onion soup. Just a Taste for the tappas expoerience, and Alladin's Natural Eatery is up in collegetown (Cornell) and is a great little mediterrranean joint. In the summer, I always loved their gaspacho soup. They have complete entrees, but also small plates, like pita and hummus. I guess it's like an appetizer, but I've had that as my lunch, along with some stuffed grape leaves. Although, if you want a Gyro, and you're interested in getting in touch with your inner college (which is why an adult would go to collegetown), go to Souvlaki House. Not much in terms of atmosphere - kind of no frills, but they make a good Gyro - for lunch, it's great.
There's so much good Italian food in syracuse, and relatively inexpensive, that I hated paying the higher price for Italian when in Ithaca, BUT ZaZa's is good, a litle more upscale than a homestyle type Italian restaurant, but still has homey and comforting food, and a very nice atmosphere.
Enjoy the weekend. It's like they say, "Ithaca is Gorges!" And the color should be amazing compare to what we have in the mid-atlantic!
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Re:Ithaca, NY. 2013/10/17 22:29:35
Glenwood Pines is decent, not too expensive, and has a nice view of the lake. It is informal: burgers and diner/comfort food. I was last there in '09.
Re:Ithaca, NY. 2013/10/25 10:46:13
Many thanks to those who provided suggestions in Ithaca. We're heading up there this weekend and hope to give one or two of those a try.
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Re:Ithaca, NY. 2013/10/30 14:42:25
Classic Ithaca - Moosewood