Concession trailer for wings?

Junior Burger
2013/10/14 17:52:31
I currently have a successful full service restaurant and was thinking of getting into the food concession side. I noticed at all the festivals and fairs I went to over the summer dont offer wings. Our restaurant consistently wins awards for wings so I thought to offer them at events. Is there a reason why I dont see any wing places? Is it too messy maybe? Looking for some thoughts. Thanks! 
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Concession trailer for wings? 2013/10/14 18:50:37
I think many 'fair/festival' goers look for something they can't get at regular food establishments; ... or ... they patronize a local organization food booth.    ... Me, I like a good 'polish sausage dog' ... can't get these at regular hotdog stands.     ... Another food that seems to sell out is the BIG BBQ turkey Leg at $5 or $6 each. ( )  H'll you can buy these for a $1 apiece at Walmart; but again this is an item sold by a local organization and BBQ'd on site, a couple of hundred at a time.
Chicken Wings, ???  ... off hand I wouldn't think it would work  ... more especially if the same product was readily available every day of the week in town.   ... So what would be your gimmick to make this different?  ...
Much of the other food is simple over priced and don't interest me.
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Junior Burger
Re:Concession trailer for wings? 2013/10/14 19:57:00
Same question here???
Sun Spot
Junior Burger
Re:Concession trailer for wings? 2013/10/14 21:10:04
If you do wings, you need to figure a way to make them portable, and not too messy.  People are standing up and walking around with your food, that can be challenging.
Curb Hopper
Re:Concession trailer for wings? 2013/10/14 21:12:45
I've seen it work first hand. Tavern I use to work for took a trailer out to the state fair every year. They promoted the store with a few of their regular products while gaining additional exposure from offering a couple of "gimic" type items. The owners did suite well and always took s trip yo Vegas afterwards. They did 3-5k $ days for 10 days. A rainy day will slow that bomber down though.
Re:Concession trailer for wings? 2013/10/14 21:59:29
I'm thinking there may be a couple of problems with doing wings as a festival. The first being that they take a long time to cook from raw. The second is the cost of the product vs. what you can sell them for. Wings are pretty expensive.  That being said. If you can figure it out wings are really popular these days. Good Luck.
Re:Concession trailer for wings? 2013/10/14 22:40:39
You could do wings that are breaded, with the spices in the breading (so they wouldn't be so messy). There are pressure fryers that will do wings in a jiffy. With your business model, I would say that such a machine is pretty much mandatory.
Junior Burger
Re:Concession trailer for wings? 2015/03/23 14:20:25
I guess wings are out and Smoked Turkey Legs are in.
Re:Concession trailer for wings? 2015/04/25 12:05:55
there is a wing truck here in K C that does well.
ann peeples
Re:Concession trailer for wings? 2015/04/26 11:49:23
I would patronize a wing truck-definitely! Smoked turkey legs are ok, but everyone is doing that.
Junior Burger
Re:Concession trailer for wings? 2015/05/05 09:48:24
Wings will be a staple on my truck for sure.  I have a local meat market that sells 40 lb. cases of wings for $39! Cha Ching!