Coby Electronics Out of Business; Warranties Not Honored

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2013/10/21 02:56:04
For years, I used to see trucks from Coby's Maspeth, NY warehouse driving around town. They used to sell low-end electronics devices and accessories. They kept getting bigger and bigger, to where they were selling HD televisions and tablets. They opened more warehouses in California and Georgia. But it seems they quietly went out of business a few months ago.
From posts to message board sites, it seems people who sent in items for warranty repair did not get them back. Some of them unearthed that Gordon Brothers of Boston bought parts of the company, including inventory and intellectual property, but left the liabilities, including warranties. Indeed, the WHOIS for Coby's website shows Gordon Brothers now owns the domain name. Gordon issued a press release, stating they want to revive the brand.
But is Gordon Brothers going to provide for warranty service for stuff they are selling to retailers? The quicker everyone finds out that the manufacturer is out of business the quicker the street price of Coby products will drop to 10 cents on the dollar. I don't see how Gordon Brothers will sell any more product after stiffing existing customers. There ought to be a law against zombie trademarks.
Re:Coby Electronics Out of Business; Warranties Not Honored 2013/10/22 00:59:22
Coby must have made a good share when they focused on small low-end electronics. They were known as the Sony of the hood. Always found in stores where one must ring the bell for the store owner to unlock the door.
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