California Central Valley roadtrip

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Junior Burger
2013/10/30 09:35:45
Welcome any suggestions best roadfood places to eat from Bakersfield up to San Francisco. Thank you.
Filet Mignon
Re:California Central Valley roadtrip 2013/10/30 15:03:30
Re:California Central Valley roadtrip 2013/10/30 15:07:13
Giusti's and Al's Place, both located just south of Sacramento are Roadfood classics and are highly recommended!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:California Central Valley roadtrip 2013/10/30 18:17:15
I like J's Place in Bakersfield (soul food, but not officially Roadfood) and the Chicken Pie Shop in Fresno.
J's Place doesn't have its own Web site, but you can check out some pics and reviews here:
You can also get chicken-fried steak that is bigger than the platter it's on at Cope's Knotty Pine Cafe in Bakersfield.  Here are some pics and reviews:
Chicken Pie Shop is on Roadfood:
There are a number of Basque restaurants in Bakersfield.  I don't know which are the best, though.  Maybe someone else can share their experience (or you can try one and tell us!).
Fire Safety Admin
Re:California Central Valley roadtrip 2013/10/30 20:27:35
Fresno, my hometown, although I've lived in WVa the last 15 years I still visit.

Pizza, Me n Ed's a local chain has very good pizza.

Sal's Mexican, especially the original in Selma has some of the very best.

Robertito's has some really good food, several locations and most are open 24hrs.

B Js Country Kitchen really good biscuits and gravy.

Enjoy the Valley!