Just starting out...need some help!!!

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Just starting out...need some help!!! - Sat, 11/2/13 2:09 PM
Hi:) my husband and I are looking to start a food truck business and we are just in the beginning stages of our plan. We live in Nassau County Long Island Ny. I want to have a gourmet "mobile" kitchen specializing in fresh, organic and local ingredients. I would like to purchase produce from the local farmers markets, etc. However, I just received the letter from the health dept saying I can only purchase food from a licensed commissary?? The commissary is pretty crappy and just has garbage.... So is our dream hopeless!!! Is there a way to purchase and sell fresh local ingredients or are we out of luck??thanks in advance for any help!!!

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Re:Just starting out...need some help!!! - Wed, 01/15/14 12:41 PM
I would call them up and speak with them personally, the only reason why I say this is b/c if your purchasing items from a legitimate Farmers Market they are regulated and have to fill out forms just like we do in our business.  My HD requires a receipt for items that aren't purchased through a commissary, just my .02

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Re:Just starting out...need some help!!! - Mon, 02/3/14 7:58 PM
I know that Restaurants have to follow the same rules and regulations (or vice versa) as food trucks etc.. But I know of local restaurants who's chefs or the owners them selfs who shop at local farmers markets to purchase fresh organic produce for their restaurant. (This is becoming a very popular trend here in Cali) Are restauranteurs allowed to shop at certain Farmers markets like a Certified Farmers Market perhaps? What gives? Anyone know?   

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Re:Just starting out...need some help!!! - Sun, 02/16/14 12:58 AM
That seams like BS. where are you located?