Coalinga For Breakfast Update

Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
2013/11/10 15:11:04
Back in 2005 someone was looking for places to eat breakfast near Coalinga, California. I posted the following:
Coalinga is also smack in the middle of oil country. And, while it may no longer be there (I don't know), it was the home of Bordegary's Saloon and Hotel, a marvelous place that still had bullet holes in the bar-back in the mid 1950s when I used to play poker in the saloon mornings after a midnight tower on a drilling rig.
I just learned that Bordegary's is no longer there on what was once known as Whiskey Row (North 5th Street). It seems it disappeared during the earthquake of 1983.
Re:Coalinga For Breakfast Update 2013/11/10 17:07:39
Coalinga is indeed still in existence and a bit famous for the kidnapping and burying of a busload of school kids.
It's also home to the largest manure pile I've ever seen.
That earthquake was quite a big one.... 6.5
The manure pile prevented me from ever stopping there.
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:Coalinga For Breakfast Update 2013/11/10 17:36:56
I misspoke. I know Coalinga is still there. I mean to say, and obviously I screwed up, that I didn't know whether Bordegary's was still there. Obviously, it is not.
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Re:Coalinga For Breakfast Update 2013/11/11 10:42:55
Marlene, we used to refer to that manure pile as "Bandini Mountain".  However, it doesn't stop us from visiting Harris Ranch whenever we are in the area.