New Castle, PA Roadfood

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Re:New Castle, PA Roadfood - Sat, 11/16/13 12:33 PM

Mariton and I went out for dinner last night.  This restaurant gets so crowded on Friday night (they make the best fish sandwich in Western PA, IMO), that they will sometimes seat you at bigger tables with other parties.  This doesn't bother me and we sat next to two couples who were from New Castle.  We were told the best restaurant in town is called Hazel's and one of the things they do best is liver.  Mariton loves liver, so we will probably run up and check it out this week.
That place looks great, but I would hate to stock their beer cooler! That has to be the largest selection of brews I've ever seen. What kind of fish do they use for their sandwich? I've got two pounds of calves liver in the freezer, thanks for the dinner idea for tomorrow. Also, I kind of like the communal dining...I do a lot of Amtrak travel and have met some very interesting people from all over the world in the dining car.

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Re:New Castle, PA Roadfood - Sat, 11/16/13 1:04 PM
We love The Back Door Tavern!!  Nearly every trip to Beaver County has to include a fish sandwich here for us.  The fish is cod and there must be one pound of it on the sandwich.  I toss the bread and eat just the fish.  This place should definitely be on Roadfood!
Cliff, you have a recent New Castle connection thing going on!

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