Food Truck / Concession vendors - Cleveland OH

Junior Burger
2014/01/28 10:51:09
I am looking into starting a food truck in the greater Cleveland (Ohio) area.
What are some obstacles that I can expect to run into?
What are the anticipated start up cost for a food truck?
Where is a good place to start to find out information and requirements for food trucks and concession vendors in Cleveland, Oh?
Dr of BBQ
Filet Mignon
Re:Food Truck / Concession vendors - Cleveland OH 2014/01/28 15:43:09
Go meet with your local Health Department they will tell you exactly what's required and if they are even allowed. They will most likely give you a book of the local rules.
good luck
Junior Burger
Re:Food Truck / Concession vendors - Cleveland OH 2014/01/29 12:52:37
Thanks, Jack!
Re:Food Truck / Concession vendors - Cleveland OH 2014/01/29 13:46:08
Also check with the local zoning dept. of the town you're thinking about setting up in. There may be local ordinances restricting setting up a truck/trailer.
Don't spend any money until you find out if you can even set up for business.
Private business giveth and the Government taketh away!
Re:Food Truck / Concession vendors - Cleveland OH 2014/01/29 18:41:11
In addition to those places, also check with your local fire department regarding fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems.
Curb Hopper
Re:Food Truck / Concession vendors - Cleveland OH 2014/02/03 00:29:35
Obsticles range from layout and fit of equipment to passing code regulations and encountering the unknown and unexpected. It's best to have years of food service background. Biggest obstacle often is proper funding. Do not go in undercapitalized!

Startup cost typically range from 30-80k, obliviously with many variables from DIY to subcontract to buying someone else's mistake or failure. Ofcourse more or less can be spent to establish a solid brand, less is not likely.

Concept should be simple and specialized. Uniqueness will go a long way. Read the posts here, google....reach out/research other trucks. Get familiar with the new market. Do ALL of your homework. Don't depend on others to look out for you, it's your baby and nobody will care for it like you.

First thing to do is as the others have said. If you pull the trigger be patient with your decisions. Get contracts for any work performed with deadlines whenever possible. Also, don't count on anything and preprare for the worst. This will make the success even sweeter. Make a business plan. If it doesn't look like you can do $200k+ in sales a year don't quit your day job. Typical profit margin is much less than the general public would believe.

Also, this board can be harsh to noobs. Ignore it. Some people, typically in this industry are just like that.