Sonic's Pretzel Dog

2014/02/01 02:35:54
Just tried 2 of Sonic's relatively new Chili-Cheese Pretzel Dogs, (With Onions).
I think they've been rolling them out on a regional basis over the past several months. Not sure if they're nationwide yet.
Not bad. The rolls were fresh with a good soft pretzel chew. A slightly noticeable amount of pretzel flavor as well. The only thing missing was the pretzel salt on it.
If they could figure out how to get some salt to stick on the bun, it would help it a lot.

ann peeples
Re:Sonic's Pretzel Dog 2014/02/01 10:31:43
Was the bun warm? If so, it would be easy for them to spray the bun with water and sprinkle salt on it prior to putting the hot dog and toppings on.
Re:Sonic's Pretzel Dog 2014/02/01 11:52:34
Every hot dog I got from Sonic was lukewarm at most.  I gave up on them years ago.