Sheboygan aka Sheeptown in Spring

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Filet Mignon
Re:Sheboygan aka Sheeptown in Spring 2014/05/04 15:42:54
I had the Schwai's bacon for breakfast and the Usinger's liverwurst for large!
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Sheboygan aka Sheeptown in Spring 2014/05/05 11:21:05
It all sounds so great (but the company was what we really missed)- sorry we couldn't make it up
We got way-laid by a post-poned Eagle project and a bad back
..and the dog ate my homework
The drive was too much to contemplate by 3:30 PM
next time....
Filet Mignon
Re:Sheboygan aka Sheeptown in Spring 2014/05/05 12:44:23
I'm game for a return trip (well, maybe somewhat shorter) any free weekend. (Wait, I'm retired. Any free weekday would work). We actually ran out of time and missed the Old Wisconsin Outlet (TM'd by the time we arrived) and pretty much every stop in Port Washington. This forced us to go to New Port Shores and drown our sorrow with 12 year old bourbon. They were having a special on it where we got 3 fingers for something like $5.25. God, I love Port!
After that we rolled into Milwaukee and found room for Vietnamese vittles at Pho Hai Tuyet. I have a man crush on this place's take on a banh mi sandwich so I'll leave it to others as to how enjoyable it was. I had a pho that had pretty much the kitchen sink in it and I loved it Saturday and again at breakfast the next morning.


I had a BLT using Schwai's bacon today at lunch and I guess I'm going to return as it was fantastic.
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Re:Sheboygan aka Sheeptown in Spring 2014/05/16 10:10:09




Enough shopping...let's get some lunch!




X1's homestyle burger.

Nina's (Mrs. CSD) openface turkey sandwich.

I ordered a 1/4 broasted chicken but the server misheard me and wrote 1/2.  No complaints, though; it was very crunchy and juicy.  And yes, that's butter on the beans.  Midway believes in butter.

The potatoes and gravy were excellent.

More shopping.  I bought a package of brats and a jar of very good horseradish mustard.

JRPfeff reported that City Bakery was pretty much sold out of everything so I didn't bother going inside.

Instead I checked out the car show across the street.

The final Sheboygan stop was Gosse's but I made a slight detour to TJ's Twisted Chicken.

I ran into Buddy in Gosse's parking lot and he was kind enough to hold the TJ's bag and styro box open for me, but demanded some chicken in return.  What a shakedown artist!  I thought this was even better than the chicken at Midway. 


Gosse's loves butter, too...maybe even more than Midway.  The brats are actually Johnsonville (?!?) but it's the preparation that makes the difference.

Pork chop sandwich.

EricPfeff ordered what looked like a fried 1/4 potato.

IIRC this was the steak sandwich.

A very buttery burger.

I guess some people were excited by this but I fail to see why.



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Re:Sheboygan aka Sheeptown in Spring 2014/05/16 14:07:56
Thanks so much for posting those pictures and bringing back the good memories.  All the feels   And thanks again MFL for organizing the trip.
On the day I had originally intended to get some of those tortes to take home, but then didn't bother.   I regretted it the next day (once I was able to eat again hehe).
The Spoils of Sheyboygan Picnic I had the following Saturday was a big hit.  Not a single brat/sausage was left over!
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