Average Food Costs

Junior Burger
2014/03/07 17:44:24
Is there a reference sheet or a general guide for food costs.  I don't mean on how to calculate your own food costs, but a guide or index of what known common food costs are.
For example : its known that a hamburger in actual food, costs McDonald's .34 or that a BigMac is .77   I'm curious if there is a rule of thumb for an omelette or macaroni and cheese or a chicken sandwich.
Yes, I realize that a two egg omelette vs a four egg, or cheap cheese vs. good cheese or the size of the portion for the mac and cheese all plays a part into what food costs end up.  That's why I'm asking for a general generic guide..  or a lists of averages.  That's what I'm looking for.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Average Food Costs 2014/03/07 18:16:37
Food prices can also vary greatly by region; I remember jealously listening to Texas friends talk about brisket at 99 cents a pound when I was paying 3.99 a pound.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Average Food Costs 2014/03/08 00:22:59
Food Cost is Food Cost.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Average Food Costs 2014/03/08 12:20:46
chefbuba Food Cost is Food Cost.

And Albany is the capital of New York State. Although I don't understand why we're supposed to be posting statements which are simultaneously correct and totally useless.
hella good tacos
Re:Average Food Costs 2014/03/09 06:11:46
I agree with Bart, region plays a huge role.
Another factor if you are relying on big suplliers like sysco is that they have price tiers.
They wont usually disclose this to you unless you call them out on it.
So you, as a smaller place, might pay more for something a bigger place across the street is paying for the exact same thing,
They give better prices to establishments who move more of their stuff.
What i do:  use a spread sheet and spend a few days getting things like price per slice of bread, per ounce of meats and formulating costs off that.  You will have to update it as prices often fluctuate for meats and veggies, but it works.
It takes a lot of busy work, but if you have good help it can get easier.
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Re:Average Food Costs 2014/03/10 15:03:55
Look at percentages rather than what it's costing you in dollars/cents.  Of course that's all very important but your percentages will help keep your prices inline with what you're buying.  Keep it under 30% and you should be ok...lower the better obviously but industry standards is right around 30%.  Great general rule of thumb.  If you can keep things in the 20's then you're doing that much better