LA sandwich shops

Junior Burger
2014/04/02 18:40:05
Friend will be in LA at the end of the month.  Wants to find some good sandwich shops to eat at.  Anyone have any experience with these?
Filet Mignon
Re:LA sandwich shops 2014/04/02 19:52:55
I'm familiar with most of them. The questions your friend needs to answer is this------where are they going to be, what about transportation and how far are they willing to go. Some of those places are in Downtown L.A. while others are 30 miles or further from there. The choices that I'm familiar with are good, however. I just ate at Brent's a few weeks ago, I stop by Philipp and Porto''s on occasion. Heard good stuff about Oikster but it's in an area I haven't gone to for years. A lot just depends on how far they are going and where they are staying and if they are making the trip to a "dining destination" or just looking for a place to get decent food. 
Re:LA sandwich shops 2014/04/02 20:17:05
I went to the Oinkster with Ellen.  Not sure why it's on the list.
I've always loved Philippe's but I don't go to Porto's for their sandwiches.  Porto's is for pastries.
Bay Cities in Santa Monica has great Italian subs.
If it's really sandwiches your friend is looking for, any of the delicatessens are good with Langer's being my favorite for hand cut pastrami.  Then again I also like Johnny's Pastrami in Culver City for thinly cut and steamed pastrami.  It's all in what your friend is looking for or expecting.
The places on that list are widespread throughout Los Angeles County.  Best thing to do is pinpoint an area and then ask.
Joan's on Third is very good and close to the Original Farmer's Market which to me is touristy and not at the same time.
I haven't been to All About the Bread but my discerning nephew swears by it. 
A hot dog is not a sandwich in my opinion.  Hot dogs are in a different class which leaves Pink's off of my list among other reasons.
But...  everyone has to go to Pink's once to say they've been.