Ballpark theme

2014/04/05 06:35:21
Hello. I would enjoy some feedback. i had a cart and now I am going inside.
I have been doubting my idea but now I am sure.
I am going to have my menu based on the Baseball stadium dogs.
I know its overkill on options but i love it.
I have been up all night researching. It really gives you upsell with reason.
i will have Brats for the brewers, 
what do you think? I am expected to get ripped
Filet Mignon
Re:Ballpark theme 2014/04/08 23:15:29
Re:Ballpark theme 2014/04/09 02:36:34
There are 30 MLB Teams. You planning doing a dog for each one?
Many Team dogs have expensive toppings and a wide variety which will drive your food cost thru the roof. Way too many topping SKU's to make any money.