Trailer vs cart??

Junior Burger
2014/04/07 17:54:58
I am new here and I have a question for y'all. I already have a concession trailer and I am wanting to start selling dogs on the side of the road. What are your opinions on a cart vs a trailer. My trailer is 8x22 and licensed already with the state. Is there any cons of using a trailer instead of a cart that y'all can think. Size is the only one I can think of, but where I am I have plenty of room. Look forward to the responses and thanks in advance.
Re:Trailer vs cart?? 2014/04/07 18:35:05
Welcome to Roadfood. Although I think for you, a trailer would be the more lucrative option, I'm from NYC so I love and miss "dirty water" hot dogs from the Sabrett carts. 
I wish you the very best of luck whatever you decide.
Re:Trailer vs cart?? 2014/04/07 23:09:02
If you already have the trailer, it's already licensed, and space is not an issue, stick with the trailer, especially in Florida, where thunderstorms pop up quickly - you're better off with everything under cover.

I worked a hot dog cart at The Villages for six years. Rain was a real problem (you have to shut everything down (the rain can extinguish the burners, so you don't want to leave them on), you have to get all the stuff you don't want waterlogged (napkins, buns, hot dog wrappers, etc.) put away; and you have to time it right — do it too early, and customers wonder why you're shut down when it isn't raining yet, wait too long and everything's a soggy mess (including you). With the trailer, I'm assuming you can close up the sides and take cover either in the trailer or your tow vehicle and wait out the storm.

The cart was a maintenance nightmare, too (in all fairness, it may have just been that particular cart, made by All American in Miami, and bought used).

Cart do have nostalgia on their side (Worksman in NYC even has wooden-spoked wheels optional on their carts!), but it seems to me the trailer is roomier and more practical.
Re:Trailer vs cart?? 2014/04/08 03:00:35
Since you have such a large rig, what other items do you sell?
Doesn't sound like hot dogs are your main item.
What % of your total sales are hot dogs?
How long have you been in business?
Your trailer is more than adequate and you don't need the expense of buying a cart unless you have other plans for the trailer. 
Junior Burger
Re:Trailer vs cart?? 2014/04/08 10:29:12
I am thinking of doing a few different dogs like Chicago, kraut, slaw, bbq, coney, cheese, then also offering burgers and then for sides doing slaw, beans, and fries. I have never been in the dog business, I did have a pretty successful bbq restaurant that just recently closed because of personal issues. My brother and I owned it and after being around each other 14 hours a day, 6 days a week it just took it's toll on out relationship, so we decided to close it and save the family. We were open for 3 1/2 years. So now I am looking into starting this venture. I love hot dogs and all the different ways they are served and creativeness that you can use to make them unique. Then maybe I would do special of bbq ribs on like Friday or something. Anyways them are my thoughts, once again thanks for the input.
Re:Trailer vs cart?? 2014/04/08 11:02:46
Sounds like a good plan. Have you checked with the city about mobile vendor/food truck permits? Some cities are very open to them, others (like Ocala) are a pain in the booty.

Hope you'll post here when you're up & running. Would be willing to detour on my way to Tampa sometime to grab a dog.
Re:Trailer vs cart?? 2014/04/09 02:41:09
Do you have a Deep fryer on the trailer?