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 Best Onion Rings

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ann peeples

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RE: Best Onion Rings Tue, 01/13/09 7:50 AM (permalink)
I love good onion rings-and I have yet to check out the lone Sonics in Milwaukee, so I may throw caution to the wind and venture...and that cherry limeade has me intigued-I know the Mayor likes it and it sounds sooooo refreshing( even though its only 8 degrees here today with wind chills of -15)
    carolina bob

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    • Location: Chicagoland
    RE: Best Onion Rings Tue, 01/13/09 8:39 AM (permalink)
    My favorite is the renowned onion loaf from Chicagoland's Hackney's chain ( absolutely addictive ), and in my #2 spot are the rings at the Beacon drive-in in Spartanburg SC ( how come no one has mentioned these before? ) Another favorite place for o-rings is the three-unit Buffa-Louie's mini-chain in Indiana ( Munster, Valparaiso, and Bloomington ) which is my #1 source for hot wings. Popeye's is tops for FF rings, but it sounds like I'm going to have to check out the rings at Sonic. The Bloomin' Onion at Outback? Forget it! Everything at Outback sucks, plain and simple.

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      RE: Best Onion Rings Wed, 01/21/09 1:48 AM (permalink)

      Sonic onion rings,at least in the two places we tried were way to sweet..almost as if they were dipped in pancake batter, not a beer batter...We did not finish them!!!!

      Close your eyes Lee, I do not want to upset you about the "sweet" secret...
      For everyone else Sonic dips their onion rings in milkshake mix, as part of the batter process.
      Soul  Burger in Alabama  dips in Ambrosia.
      <message edited by CCinNJ on Wed, 01/21/09 1:52 AM>

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        RE: Best Onion Rings Wed, 01/21/09 3:56 AM (permalink)
        Well,that sure explains it!!!!

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          Re:Best Onion Rings Wed, 01/21/09 5:08 PM (permalink)

          If you can find Brew City brand Beer Battered O rings, buy em and fry em, no doubt you'll love em!

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            Re:Best Onion Rings Wed, 01/21/09 5:15 PM (permalink)
            Our Popeye's rings here are really good and fresh, Backyard Burger's are also.  Never tried Sonic's ALL of ours closed down at once, Newberry's Backyard Bar-B-Que sells them by the "foot" and they're always fresh.  I've bought them from Sam's Wholesale to fry at home, they're good.  Whole onion slices, not minced.

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              • Location: Marietta, GA
              Re:Best Onion Rings Wed, 01/21/09 5:44 PM (permalink)
              And don't forget the Varsity in Atlanta - been eatin' their rings for a long time and still think they are the best I've had.
              Doctor Dan


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                • Location: Versailles, KY
                Re:Best Onion Rings Sun, 01/25/09 8:32 AM (permalink)
                The best around here are the ones at Wilson's Pool Hall in Versailles.   Also, I've always loved Frisch's onion rings.


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                  • Location: Providence, RI
                  Re:Best Onion Rings Thu, 02/12/09 3:21 PM (permalink)
                  Best I've ever had were / are at Buttonwoods Fish & Chips at 416 Buttonwoods Ave, Warwick, RI - always battered / cooked to order. Their fresh cut fries are also quit excellent as well as their fried sea food items (fish, clams, shrimp, scallops) which are  also freshly battered & cooked to order - typically cooked to perfection, not greasy or over cooked.

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                    • Location: washington, DC
                    Re:Best Onion Rings Thu, 02/12/09 4:53 PM (permalink)
                    Not even sure that Peggy Fair, the person who started this thread, even frequents this site any more, but Peggy, I like the onion rings (and the chilidogs) at Hard Times cafe too. Also among my favorites, however, are the rings served at the Beacon Drive In in Spartansburg, SC and the cnion "straws" that are served with the mini-burgers (which are themselves a treat, made of 100% Angus beef, and cooked to order) at Matchbox Restaurant in Washington, DC. 

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                      • Location: Wayne, NJ
                      Re:Best Onion Rings Thu, 02/12/09 4:53 PM (permalink)
                      i like the rings at the hearth in clifton, nj
                        Bill Reynolds

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                        • Location: Jacksonville, FL
                        RE: Best Onion Rings Tue, 02/24/09 4:41 PM (permalink)
                            Busch Gardens in Tampa used to make some serious rings. I was amazed at how big they were. An order was only two of three rings and for me it was plenty. Very, very good.

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                          • Location: Nashville, TN
                          Re:Best Onion Rings Tue, 02/24/09 5:09 PM (permalink)

                          Popeye's are really great. I also like Sonic's: a lot like the old Shoney's Big Boy rings. My favorites? The Pickle Barrel  in Milledgeville, GA, and Doc's in Orange Beach, AL.

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                            • Location: Mattoon, IL
                            RE: Best Onion Rings Wed, 04/15/09 10:41 PM (permalink)
                            My recommendation for onion rings is at Clementine's in South Haven, Michigan or Clementine's Too in St. Joseph, Michigan.

                            You can order six inches or a foot.

                            Mike Sneddon
                            Mattoon, IL

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                              • Location: Mattoon, IL
                              RE: Best Onion Rings Wed, 04/15/09 10:44 PM (permalink)
                              My recommendation for onion rings is at Clementine's in South Haven, Michigan or Clementine's Too in St. Joseph, Michigan.

                              You can order six inches or a foot.

                              While you are there, order the Red Rooster - Strawberry glazed charbroiled chicken breast matched with walnut and feta cheese.

                              Mike Sneddon
                              Mattoon, IL

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                                • Location: enfield, CT
                                RE: Best Onion Rings Wed, 04/15/09 11:56 PM (permalink)
                                [font="tahoma; font-weight: bold; color: rgb(139, 0, 0)"]burger king makes the best onion  rings
                                i love the fresh out of the freezer-burn taste they have to them.
                                actually i would rather eat deep fried toenails.
                                ok thats not true either

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                                  • Location: Huntsville, AL
                                  RE: Best Onion Rings Sun, 04/26/09 6:49 PM (permalink)
                                  I like the ones at Cheeburger, Cheeburger because they are thin and crispy. I also like Popeye's (had an order just last week and they were very tasty).

                                    • Total Posts: 3090
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                                    • Location: Milwaukee, WI
                                    RE: Best Onion Rings Sun, 04/26/09 7:46 PM (permalink)
                                    The Oh Dennis Saloon and Charcoal House on Douglas Rd. in Racine are probably my local favorite, with The Hideaway in Franklin in a distant second place. Easily my favorite ribs north of the Mason-Dixon Line too. The ones I've enjoyed the most would be The Blue and White's in Tunica Mississippi. I've gone through the stages; onion rings, shredded onion rings, onion loaf, breaded, and now battered. No bloomin' onions, which I find greasy, or minced and formed for me (yech). 

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                                      RE: Best Onion Rings Sat, 06/13/09 9:16 AM (permalink)
                                      Im hooked on the onion rings from The Beacon right here in Spartanburg.Greasy and fried.Something about the taste of these rings makes me a happy camper.
                                        Beverly K

                                        • Total Posts: 81
                                        • Joined: 5/11/2009
                                        • Location: York, PA
                                        RE: Best Onion Rings Sat, 06/27/09 10:16 PM (permalink)

                                        I love the onion rings at our Fuddrucker's, and I don't even like onions!

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                                          RE: Best Onion Rings Sun, 08/9/09 12:40 PM (permalink)
                                          I love Marie Callendar's onion rings.

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                                            • Location: Oxford, GA
                                            RE: Best Onion Rings Sat, 10/2/10 11:18 PM (permalink)
                                            Stalvey's in Covington Ga. has some good ones. The Varsity in Atlanta, Wallace BBQ in Austell Ga and Sprayberry's BBQ  in Newnan Ga. all have good onion rings.
                                              Michael Hoffman

                                              • Total Posts: 17810
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                                              • Location: Gahanna, OH
                                              RE: Best Onion Rings Sun, 10/3/10 12:10 AM (permalink)
                                              The very best onion rings I have ever had were at Hoggy's, a barbeque place in the Columbus area -- before it became a local chain. I've not had any since they expanded from the original spot in a dive in Linworth, a part of Worthington, Ohio. As a matter of fact, I;ve been to their first expansion place, because it was in the town where I live. I've not been back.

                                                • Total Posts: 277
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                                                • Location: bangor, PA
                                                RE: Best Onion Rings Sun, 10/3/10 8:06 AM (permalink)
                                                The best consistently good onion rings I've had are the onion straws served at Wert's Cafe in Allentown. When we go we generally order them as an appetizer for the table. They disapear real; quickly. The Roadfood review of Wert's has an excellant picture.

                                                  • Total Posts: 3090
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                                                  RE: Best Onion Rings Sun, 10/3/10 10:20 AM (permalink)
                                                  I realize this is a revisited older thread but I'm amazed at the many suggestions for frozen onion rings. I know all tasted are subjective, but I've never tasted a bagged ring that compares with a scratch one. And good onion rings are much easier to make than good french fries. Shredded much more so than fat sliced. If you like shredded onions, sprinkle a little cayenne in a paper bag of flour, toss in your thinly sliced onions, shake off the excess and fry in some hot oil until the color changes, pull them out and salt lightly. No milk, buttermilk, batter, beer,  salt, or egg needed. Fat sliced rings needs a recipe and some good techniques and like good chile rellenos, I let someone else do all the work.

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                                                    RE: Best Onion Rings Sun, 10/3/10 11:23 AM (permalink)
                                                    I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this...
                                                    We like to take the actual ROADFOOD book in with us the first time we visit a Roadfood joint. I like to get an autograph, store stamp or something from a visit . At Litton's in Knoxville we were seated and I asked to see the manager, he arrived at our table a few minutes later and not only signed our book but told us the history of Litton's. To top that off , a basket of onion rings arrived a few minutes later compliments of the manager, Neil.
                                                    They were delicious!
                                                    The Beacon has some good rings.
                                                    Melvins on Folly Rd on the way to Folly Beach just outside of Charleston SC is worth a stop for their onion rings.
                                                    <message edited by southpaw on Sun, 10/3/10 11:34 AM>

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                                                      • Location: Hot Dog University Chicago, IL
                                                      Re:Best Onion Rings Sun, 10/3/10 9:53 PM (permalink)
                                                      As previously mentioned by Phatphil, Hackney's original French fried onions has been named one of the top three rated in the USA by Restaurant Management Magazine.

                                                      We refer them as an "Onion Loaf." They're available in a full or a half loaf and can be eaten as a meal without ordering a burger.
                                                      CSD PhD Professor of Hot Dogs

                                                      <message edited by chicagostyledog on Sun, 10/3/10 9:54 PM>

                                                        • Total Posts: 407
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                                                        Re:Best Onion Rings Mon, 10/4/10 11:12 AM (permalink)
                                                        The Varsity indeed has some excellent rings, but I think the best you can currently find are the rings at Pizza Palace in Knoxville.  Then again, I have not yet been to the Beacon.
                                                        Does anyone else remember the Atlanta-based Mighty Casey's chain of hot dog/hamburger restaurants?  My parents confirm my memory that their rings were even better than the Varsity's.

                                                          • Total Posts: 59
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                                                          Re:Best Onion Rings Tue, 01/11/11 5:35 AM (permalink)
                                                          I've eaten very good OR's all over the US. I do not care for the rings that are formed, that is without an actual onion ring in them.
                                                          I recently had great rings at the Village Restaurant, and Woodmans in Essex, MA.

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                                                            Re:Best Onion Rings Wed, 01/25/12 10:00 AM (permalink)
                                                            As of right now, my favorite onion rings are at a bar in Jersey City called O'haras. The flavor reminds me of hushpuppies I used to get as a kid. Runner up is Shortys in NYC and their Yuengling battered onion rings.
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