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 Pho (Vietnamese noodles)

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RE: Pho (Vietnamese noodles) Fri, 08/1/03 10:51 PM (permalink)
Yumbo: Than Brothers, is good. They only charge $3.85 for Small Pho. that is plenty for me, especially with the excellent Cream Puff included. You left out the "slice of Lime". The noodles are not home made. They use "Mi Fun", dry rice noodles. Their broth is okay, but a mixture of Chicken and Beef Stock. I personaly feel that Seattle's best Pho is still served at the Tacky Pink Shack, located on the corner of Jackson/Rainier, called "Pho Bac". This is the oldest Pho Noodle Restaurant that opened in America. My friend who speaks Cantonese helped them start business by finding what the matriarch, considered most important. Beef Joint and Marrow Bones. meat saw to cut them his way, and a source of grass fed beef, with preferably yellow fat, for the Stock, eye round and tendon for character and sliced beef. They started growing the Basil, purchased limes, Chili, Bean Sprouts, Fish Soy was available locally. They haven't looked back, and Pho sure isn't standing still. My favorite for the stock is still the original, also the tackiness feels right. They have opened a full service restaurant in back that I haven't tried yet.

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    RE: Pho (Vietnamese noodles) Tue, 08/26/03 1:50 PM (permalink)
    The first pho I tried was at a Pho Hoa in Everett, WA, and I was hooked. I like mine with all the basil and mint, a lime wedge, a few beansprouts (I usually eat the rest after the soup), and usually some a generous amount of Sriracha sauce aux piments.

    In the "Grand South Grand" neighborhood of St Louis there are 7 Vietnamese restaurants in a radius of 1 mile. My favorite is Pho Grand. Excellent pho, good service, cheap, nice decor, and very fresh veggie and herb accompaniments.

    Pho Saigon is a little cheaper and a little uglier, but still good.

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      RE: Pho (Vietnamese noodles) Mon, 12/22/03 12:13 PM (permalink)

      I recently went to one Pho restaurant in Chicago, and the owner there told me that the best Pho place is in Kansas City. This owner told me that he wanted a recipe from this place badly, though he was unsuccessful. The restaurant name is something like "Pho Huong." Does anyone know this place?

      I used to live in Kansas, and one of my friends took me to a really good Pho place in Kansas City, though I do not remember the name or anything. Since I left Kansas, I have tried Pho in different cities. However, to my surprise, Kansas did have best Pho places.

      As I am going to travel to Kansas City in the end of Jan, I hope to get any info about this restaurant (e.g., address, phone, etc). I would appreciate it if you could let me know.



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        RE: Pho (Vietnamese noodles) Mon, 12/22/03 12:37 PM (permalink)
        Anyone driving by Middletown, CT, can find a great little Pho shop on Main Street, two blocks before O'Rourke's. I'm sorry I did not have my camera with me, or I would have reviewed it for Roadfood. Next time -- or, if Michael reads this, perhaps when you are passing through.

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          RE: Pho (Vietnamese noodles) Wed, 02/18/04 11:03 PM (permalink)
          I am preparing the exhibition about PHO Noodle soup in Sydney, Australia. As i am aware, that would be the first ever in the world.

          I am very interested in your group, especially your "obsession" about PHO. If your group had done anything about PHO in terms of music, articles,arts,....,..., please let me know and we will include that in our exhibition.
          Thanks in advance


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            RE: Pho (Vietnamese noodles) Fri, 02/27/04 8:44 AM (permalink)
            Recently had a huge bowl of really good Pho. The thinly sliced brisket was remarkably flavorful. But what is the story on the tendon. The Pho had a few large pieces. I mean is it meant to be a big chew type experience or what.

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              • Location: Las Vegas, NV
              RE: Pho (Vietnamese noodles) Sat, 02/28/04 4:24 PM (permalink)
              I have not tried pho yet but I am looking forward to doing so, after reading so much about it here and in other places. Can anybody point me to a good place in Las Vegas. I know there's a place on Sahara next to the Bonanaza gift shop. I believe it's called Xihn Xihn. Anybody with any knowlege of this place? I'm looking for a fairly authentic place, not too Americanized, that I can use as a standard to judge other places.

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                • Location: Rockville, MD
                RE: Pho (Vietnamese noodles) Fri, 04/23/04 12:31 AM (permalink)
                Originally posted by jgleduc

                I also love Boston's Pho Pasteur. I spent a few months a couple of years back temping at Tufts Dental School (which was an experience in itself), down on Kneeland St. in Chinatown. I would walk down to Pho Pasteur at least a couple times a week for lunch. I always liked that location better than their Cambridge one - that seemed a little too fancy for me. Just chicken and noodles for me, please, though - hold the tripe and beef balls.

                I love pho and I've been in the Boston area for 4 years now. Unfortunately, the pho here does not compare to other large cities. Only the Pho Pasteur's pho in Chinatown is consistently good. They just remodeled and expanded their restaurant last year.

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                  RE: Pho (Vietnamese noodles) Wed, 05/26/04 8:02 PM (permalink)
                  Who knew, in 1972, that we'd be talking about this! Amazing! I used to live in Greensboro and knew where to get good pho but it's been a long time.

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                    • Location: Plainfield, NJ
                    RE: Pho (Vietnamese noodles) Wed, 05/26/04 9:28 PM (permalink)
                    My town of Plainfield, NJ has a couple of pho shops right across from eachother in the downtown. They're on Watchung Avenue, just up from the intersection with Front Street.

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                      RE: Pho (Vietnamese noodles) Wed, 06/23/04 10:39 AM (permalink)
                      In the food desert where I live (Tidewater VA area), I am hurting for some good pho. There are several places springing up across the tunnel from me in Virginia Beach, but the best I've had is at Pho 50 near me in Hampton, VA. Problem is the place is beyond a dump. We don't dare eat it there for fear of being choked out of cigarette smoke and the karaoke machine. Obviously Tidewater has a ways to go in terms of pho.

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                        • Location: North Chelmsford, MA
                        RE: Pho (Vietnamese noodles) Wed, 06/23/04 9:24 PM (permalink)
                        I'll second the recommendation for Pho Pastuer in the Greater Boston area-the chain now has 6 locations.
                        Pho Lemongrass in Brookline,MA as well.
                        Pho Bang on Rue St. Laurent in Montreal consistantly gets recomendations for the "under $15 Canadian" crowd.

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                          • Location: Rochester, NY
                          RE: Pho (Vietnamese noodles) Wed, 06/23/04 11:28 PM (permalink)
                          How did I miss this forum the first time around. A Vietnamese restaurant here in Rochester serves wonderful pho. They have a great reputation for it. Saigon Palace on West Ridge Road just west of Dewey Avenue. I eat there at least once a week, although they have so many other good selections I don't always get pho. They have agood lunch buffet, and add a special sweet and sour soup on Thursday which I enjoy.

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                            RE: Pho (Vietnamese noodles) Thu, 07/15/04 12:52 PM (permalink)
                            I agree with Grampy...the pho shop in Middletown, CT is awsome. The name is Pho Mai, and the stuff is addictive. Ive tried the Pho at Typhoon down the street and its no where close to being as good. Its definately worth the trip and maybe I will do up a review or at least submit some pics of the delicious soup.

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                              • Location: Long Island, NY
                              RE: Pho (Vietnamese noodles) Sun, 07/25/04 7:21 PM (permalink)
                              I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pho. (No, I'm not screaming, I just really do love the stuff). It is so soothing and delicious. I like Vietnamese food generally. but Pho is a close second to my dear late mom's chicken soup for comfort.

                              Unfortunately, Long Island doesn't seem to be able to sustain a restaurant that isn't Italian, Chinese or Japanese. We go to Pho Bang in Elmhurst for Pho. They have a Pho called Pho Bo Vien that has thinly sliced beef and little meatballs. It is excellent. We also had great Pho at a Vietnamese place in Garden Grove CA, not far from Disneyland. We were the only non-Vietnamese in the place. They looked at us when we came in. After we got menus, we asked "Don't get much of the Disney crowd, huh?" and they just cracked up. We always look for Vietnamese food when we travel so thanks for the Seattle tip- we will be heading out that way soon.

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                                RE: Pho (Vietnamese noodles) Sun, 09/26/04 1:24 PM (permalink)
                                I was lucky enough to get this from my immigrant friend, alot better than ramen especially loaded with hoisen and hot sauce.

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                                  • Location: kansas city, MO
                                  RE: Pho (Vietnamese noodles) Sun, 09/26/04 2:14 PM (permalink)
                                  Originally posted by Sasaku

                                  I was lucky enough to get this from my immigrant friend, alot better than ramen especially loaded with hoisen and hot sauce.

                                  Have you been to Pho Tau Bay or Quang, both on Nicollet in Minneapolis? Very, very good pho and bun.

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                                    • Location: pdx, OR
                                    RE: Pho (Vietnamese noodles) Thu, 09/30/04 1:03 AM (permalink)
                                    Portland Oregon has Pho
                                    Pho Hung on Fremont St is excellent.

                                    Pho Van on 82nd is great too.
                                    Last week I "went for Pho" (that's what we call it) with Michelle and she got some funky pho (well, ok soup) with lots of stuff in it and some strange little eggs, too( quail???) She liked it (wasn't too keen on the eggs however,,, but not as much as regular pho.
                                    Since i am on a diet not eating beef i tried the Chicken Noodle Soup for the first time ( not the regular PHO with beef, that i dearly loved before giving up the stuff.. in fact I ate it 5 times in a row for dinner one week when i was preggo with my second child.. ahhhhh cravings)
                                    but the chicken pho was not as good. the beef is much richer and more flavour ful.( The chicken WAS good, but I'd reccomend the original if you eat beef)
                                    anyway i eat pho with the plum sauce and sirracha on the side
                                    and shred up the basil and jalaopenos ( lots) and beansprouts and stir that in.
                                    its not too easy to EAT PHO if you haven't befoe, either. If it's your first time,check out how the local diners are eating and try it that way.
                                    oh yum i wish i had some pho now!!!!!


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                                      RE: Pho (Vietnamese noodles) Sun, 10/17/04 11:53 PM (permalink)
                                      Interesting to hear about variations of Pho in the US. In Vietnam, I can vouch for 13 Lo Duc street in Hanoi and Pho 24 in Saigon. However, I'm still searching for the perfect pho in Saigon at 9 down - many more to go.
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