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 Chinese Buffets.......

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RE: Chinese Buffets....... Thu, 02/24/05 3:28 PM (permalink)
Originally posted by Peachpie9

Originally posted by zataar

There are a ton of the buffets in my area. I haven't been to any of them because I've heard the same negative comments. But we did go to a Thai restaurant this weekend that does a very involved Sunday buffet. It was fabulous! No where on the scale of the Chinese places as far as quantity, but the quality was above and beyond what we expected.12 different entrees, 5 different salads, 3 noodle dishes, seafood, chicken, rices,and several different curries. In addition to tons of fresh herbs and 16 different condiments. I'll be going back.

Hi Zataar,

Any chance you would share the name of the place? I am keeping a little journal of places to try if I'm ever in the area. Thai is a favorite of mine. Thank you.


Hi Catherine, The name of the restaurant is Thai 2000, 10815 Shawnee Mission Pkwy, Merriam KS, 66203. The Sunday buffet is $9.95 per person and is much more involved than the weekday buffet. One of the more unusual items was a chopped rice, herb and chile salad made with the rice that remains in the pot after cooking. It was spicy and wonderfully flavorful. Anything with the word "Lao" preceding it was exceptionally spicy. I had 2 different green papaya salads, one thai and one lao. The lao salad was so spicy I thought I was going to have an asthma attack. It was great and I went back for seconds!

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    RE: Chinese Buffets....... Wed, 03/2/05 6:52 PM (permalink)
    Im going to this chinese buffet here in waterford,michigan tomrrow. Ill lwt you guys know how it is. Heard its good
      Bill B.

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      RE: Chinese Buffets....... Wed, 03/2/05 7:24 PM (permalink)
      Fifteen years ago, Independence didn't have a one. About the only place in KC for a Chinese buffet back then was at...well, I don't remember the name of it, but it was a Chinese restaurant in the same building as a bowling alley, just south of the Ward Parkway Shopping Center, and it only served a buffet on Sunday. It was worth driving across KC for.

      Back then, Independence had half a dozen Chinese restaurants, tops, and the Magic Wok on Noland Road was the first and best. I understand it's a buffet now, too.

      Most of the Chinese restaurants in Columbia are pretty good. We have some really good Chinese carryout here. Only two buffets that I can think of. But there are several in surrounding towns. The Great Wall in Columbia is probably the best of the lot.

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        RE: Chinese Buffets....... Thu, 03/3/05 3:31 PM (permalink)
        My daughter convinced me to take her to a Chinese buffet last night. No big surprises----they did have a decent selection, and I confined myself mainly to the ginger crab legs/claws, the crawfish and the shrimp. Mussels were Ok, the oysters looked deadly so I didn't try them. They had the other usual stuff-----orange chicken, potstickers and shui mai, pork ribs and cocnut shrimp. All in all, it filled the bill------but for the same money I much prefer myself going to a place and getting two really wel--made dishes instead of 30 mediocre ones. If anyone is interested, it's the Royal Buffet in Long Beach CA. I must say-----I did enjoy the crab and crawfish!

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          RE: Chinese Buffets....... Thu, 03/3/05 4:03 PM (permalink)
          The chinese buffet in my town is pretty good. For $5.50 (lunch) all you can eat buffet, there are 3 kinds of soup (wonton, egg drop, hot and sour), about a dozen or so main dishes and individually prepared mongolian BBQ.

          What I don't get is how they can have as one of the main dishes, all shrimp with a few peas in it. Shrimp are expensive around here.

          Also they have a choice of 3 sushis.

          They have a large choice of desserts.

          Unbelievable and a terrific bargain.


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            RE: Chinese Buffets....... Fri, 03/4/05 12:15 AM (permalink)
            Orental Chinese Buffet in waterford,michigan has a huge buffet. great food. best chinese buffet ive been to.

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              RE: Chinese Buffets....... Mon, 03/7/05 12:20 AM (permalink)
              I spotted another restaurant over the week, The China Wok, which is in a strip of stores on US 24 east of KFC. I'm guessing it's a buffet due to it's size (from the outside), but I could be wrong.

              (edit: it's not a buffet)
                carlton pierre

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                RE: Chinese Buffets....... Mon, 03/7/05 11:56 PM (permalink)
                I would suggest The Sitar, in Knoxville, as an alternative to the blah Chinese buffets. It's an excellent Indian restaurant. Unfortunately the buffet is only open at noon, but it's excellent and, unlike the Chinese, authentic.

                  RE: Chinese Buffets....... Tue, 03/8/05 5:34 AM (permalink)
                  Originally posted by carlton pierre

                  I would suggest The Sitar, in Knoxville, as an alternative to the blah Chinese buffets. It's an excellent Indian restaurant. Unfortunately the buffet is only open at noon, but it's excellent and, unlike the Chinese, authentic.

                  My office use to be located very close to the Sitar on Kingston Pike. I always did their noon buffet. Very tasty and very very hot.

                  Paul E. Smith
                  Knoxville, TN

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                    RE: Chinese Buffets....... Wed, 03/30/05 5:04 AM (permalink)

                    Guys, if you're ever in Luxembourg during the working week, I suggest the Chinese buffet at the FONTAINE DE JADE restaurant, near the Grand-Duke's palace (pl.SAINT ESPRIT). That's by far the cleanest and most pleasant Chinese buffet I ever ate at; and the toilets are spotless too. They have 4 main courses (fish, chicken, 2 meats), and the waiters keep on bringing in more food, so you know it's fresh. Soup, fruit salad and various salads&condiments are available too.
                    The other chinese buffets I ate me were all horrible compared to this one. Remembering the meals in Amsterdam (despite the munchies....) and in Paris, even if they cost 7 to 8 euros, still makes me sick.
                    By the way, FONTAINE DE JADE is not simply a "buffet", it's a veritable Chinese resto, propably the best in Luxembourg.

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                      RE: Chinese Buffets....... Wed, 03/30/05 8:20 AM (permalink)
                      As someone else pointed out, the best Asian restaurants seem to be filled by mostly Asian diners. We have an outstanding Chinese restaurant in Milwaukee, Fortune, that has two menu's where the wise diner asks for the "authentic" menu. Filled with some strange choices, the only dish I ordered that I wouldn't re-order was chicken feet. We also have an Asian buffet, Kim-Son that has Vietnamese pork chops, lemongrass chicken, some Korean items along with the very forgetable standard Chinese buffet offerings. For $4 extra, a chef will whip up some exoteric dishes in the open kitchen that would run easily $8-$9 on their own giving you a chance for some fine dining. We frequent them both, but I always look forward to cold leftovers the next day so Fortune is the place we dine at most. I agree with the other person who loves Indian buffet dining. We have a number of them and they all seem to keep the portions very small to ensure fresh tasting dishes. Its my unfamiliarity with the names of the food that makes me find the buffet a better choice. I love tasting the different chutneys and they all seem to give you freshly made naan served at your table, and at some, fresh table served tandoori chicken if you wish.

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                        RE: Chinese Buffets....... Wed, 03/30/05 9:48 AM (permalink)
                        I go to a Thai buffet about once a week. I know the former owner. He tells me that at least around here, the small Thai restaurants are family run and that the larger Chinese buffets are mostly "chains". I know that we have tried to define chains here. The Chinese chains are typically interconnected groups of restaurants with interlocking groups of wholesalers, investors, and managers.

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                          RE: Chinese Buffets....... Sat, 04/2/05 1:54 PM (permalink)
                          Sometimes I wish we had a Thai buffet around here, so I could taste more dishes, but on the other hand I have seen, and tasted, what happened to Chinese restaurants that gave over to the buffet route. My local "Siam" restaurant has the best Pad Thai, and I can only imagine what it would become if they went "buffet style". I tell you, here it is the competition of the buffets and I say "yack!". Our favorite Chinese restaurants have given themselves over to this thing and it is not good.


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                            RE: Chinese Buffets....... Fri, 04/22/05 9:10 PM (permalink)
                            I've always found it odd that there don't seem to be any big chain Chinese buffets in the US (not where I've been, anyway). Here in Ontario, in addition to the independently owned restaurants, there is one rather large chain called Mandarin, which has been a longtime favourite of mine. I dunno whether anyone's mentioned it in this thread, but if anyone visits Ontario anytime in the future, I HIGHLY recommend trying it.
                              mr chips

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                              RE: Chinese Buffets....... Sat, 04/30/05 1:59 AM (permalink)
                              There are a number of Chinese buffets here in Portland, None of them is memorable and they all seem to feature the same things. hte worst features are the American style salad and dessert bars. Also they all seem to have a sushi section. I much prefer the sit-down Asian restaurants in my neighborhood.

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                                RE: Chinese Buffets....... Sat, 04/30/05 3:07 AM (permalink)
                                Originally posted by mousec

                                IMHO the proliferation of the Chinese buffet in the U.S. is a sign of a weak economy. For example, I am lucky to live in the suburbs outside of Chicago, the economy is this area is very strong. Consequently, we have numerous dining establishments (including Chinese), although we have no Chinese buffets. People out here have the means to spend a bit more for a fresher and higher quality product.

                                On the flip side, we travel to Western MI quite often and I have noticed that this whole area is teeming with Chinese buffets. With the exception of a few vacation areas Western MI is very rural and very blue collar. This type of restaurant concept plays very well because the food is relatively cheap and hot. You get your drinks included in the price and tipping is nominal at best. A family who can't generally afford to go out to eat can usually swing the cost of a Chinese buffet a few times month.

                                What suburb are you living in??? Glencoe? These places are everywhere! It's not just for the poor! It's for that certain breed who chooses to save and scrimp every penny. If you drive away from your suburb you'll find a Chinese Buffet, believe me. But take the "old" car.LOL.

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                                  RE: Chinese Buffets....... Sun, 05/1/05 5:16 PM (permalink)
                                  I have a really depressing story to relate. Mr. Jennie and I had the kids in NYC last week for a day and a night, visiting his parents on their stopover from London to Vegas. We had to drive 5 1/2 hours to Manhattan to meet them.

                                  The last time they did this, in May of 2001, Mr. Jennie and I spent a delightful hour going through the full-page color menus in the Manhattan phone directory. There's even a restaurant that does nothing but Kosher Vegetarian Indian cuisine. Too cool. We dreamed about all the fabulous places to go. Chinatown. Peter Luger's Steakhouse. The possibilities were endless. Where did his parents want to go? TGIFridays across the street. No, I'm serious. So that's where we ate. Overcooked, nasty, chain restaurant food.

                                  So this time, we were hoping to convince them to venture further afield. Indeed, we spent the morning in Central Park, and the afternoon taking the Staten Island ferry over and back. But after a rest in the hotel, they wanted Chinese. But would they go back on the Subway to Chinatown? Oh no. The place they wanted to eat was a nasty cheesy "Chinatown Express" place three doors from the hotel (one door was the Sbarro where we ate breakfast both mornings. Not a terrible buffet.). The place was less than mediocre. The blandness of the food was actually overshadowed by the overcooked nature of the stuff, and the fact that you were eating it from a styrofoam tray with a plastic fork. I kid you not.

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                                    RE: Chinese Buffets....... Fri, 05/6/05 4:54 PM (permalink)
                                    Most buffets are not very good- gloppy steam table stuff.

                                    THere is one in Huntington NY called EAST that is well above your average chinese buffet- they have good sushi, authentic dim sum and soups,, peking duck, sates, all kinds of stuff- they have a crowd that is usually about 60% Asian, a very good sign. They have lasted at least 5 years, also a good sign ina pretty sophisticated amrket. That said there are a bunch of pretty poor chinese buffets around here too.

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                                      RE: Chinese Buffets....... Fri, 05/6/05 5:35 PM (permalink)
                                      Super China Beffet- Ft Wayne Indiana is good, China Wok 1- waterford,Mi has a good buffet.

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                                        RE: Chinese Buffets....... Fri, 05/6/05 6:22 PM (permalink)
                                        Chinese buffets are definitely everywhere. Off the top of my head I can think of four within a two mile radius of where I'm sitting. The only thing I dislike about these restaurants is the fact that they all seem to serve the same pre-packaged, frozen food with little to no variation in the preparation of these dishes from buffet-to buffet. Of course, I do occasionally eat in these restaurants and typically leave a little disappointed. Roadfood they ain't.

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                                          RE: Chinese Buffets....... Fri, 05/6/05 8:57 PM (permalink)
                                          Waaaaaaa, I want to go to Mandarin Buffett

                                          The Lady

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                                            RE: Chinese Buffets....... Fri, 05/6/05 10:11 PM (permalink)
                                            I found a tiny little Chinese penis in my Hong Sue Chicken a couple nights ago. I showed it to the waitress and she asked if she could take it home! Honestly, my "still" wife is from Shanghai, and if she was foodless, she'd eat her shoe. Sad but oh so true.

                                              RE: Chinese Buffets....... Fri, 05/6/05 11:59 PM (permalink)
                                              Most of these are pretty lame. I've been to a few good ones; the best were the China Bear ones in the Houston area. It helps to follow a few rules:

                                              It should by busy (as noted above)

                                              If the price seems to good to be true, it is

                                              Most of the customers should be Chinese (as noted above)

                                              A good percentage of the customers should appear affluent, and not there just to save money.

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                                                RE: Chinese Buffets....... Sat, 05/7/05 6:28 PM (permalink)
                                                Originally posted by jeepguy

                                                I found a tiny little Chinese penis in my Hong Sue Chicken a couple nights ago.

                                                Um . . . I'm guessing the fact that I haven't heard this on the evening news means that the organ in question had originated from a chicken?

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                                                  RE: Chinese Buffets....... Sat, 05/7/05 7:10 PM (permalink)
                                                  In the little town where I work, a Chinese place opened up about two months ago. I started ordering carryout and taking it back to my desk to eat (workaholic am I). While the menu was rather limited, the food was really good--everything tasted very fresh and even the fried rice had the "wok hei" flavor. A couple weeks ago a colleague offered to take me to this same place for the buffet. It was VILE. No, wait, it was worse than that--gristly, greasy, overcooked, sodden, and desultory. I could hardly believe I was eating at the same restaurant.

                                                  Yet everybody was eating the buffet. I did not see one customer order off the menu.

                                                  If all I knew of Chinese-American food was what I tasted at buffets, I'd probably hate it.

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                                                    RE: Chinese Buffets....... Tue, 05/10/05 1:33 PM (permalink)
                                                    We have a place in Randallstown, MD. It has the usual offering plus some seafood. They are generally very busy. Suprise they offer the hot chili sauce as a condiment. The name is China Buffet, (suprized!). The best Chinese buffet was in OKC, guess what, most of their customers were Oriental, not round eyes. That should be a good sign. Also they put the siracha hot sauce on the table instead of keeping it in the kitchen. I discovered this by mistake, I thought it was plum sauce, suprize--very hot stuff on my egg roll instead of sweet.
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