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 Moe's Southwest Grill

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RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Sun, 12/10/06 10:46 PM (permalink)
Sounds like I should be happy to say that I have never heard of the place/chain!
    oDey in LA

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    RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Tue, 02/13/07 10:38 AM (permalink)
    Originally posted by Milt

    Originally posted by V960

    And ten months later

    still hasn't returned...we were trolled.

    My guess is that he is young, well meaning, naive, and no longer an employee of the Shreveport Moe's.

    My guess is that he is young, well meaning, naive and has not yet learned how to deal with snobby people who post tacky remarks and who also think they are well above the norm in taste that they cannot lower themselves to eat with the mear mortals at a chain. I have had some great food at a number of chains. Snobbery ranks right up there with snottyness. Cowardly people with no life who get some sort of sick kick out of putting others down. Whiteyblair if you are still on roadfood speak out and stand up to the rude bullies whol have no life.

    I have never eaten at Moe's but my son loves them and he has eaten at some of the best MEX in the nation all across the nation both private and chain. I just discovered Shanes who is now a part of the Moe's company. I have eaten BBQ all over the country and I am here to tell you that the Baby Back Ribs at Shanes ( a dreaded "chain") are as good as I have ever had anywhere.
    To the rude bullies, get a life and allow the great majority of us here welcome anyone who shares a love of food......

      RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Tue, 02/13/07 11:23 AM (permalink)
      Not sure where the rude part comes employee of a fast food restaurant asks for opinions on a website designed to promote non-chain dining options. Many folks provide their opinion including myself. My opinion was based on 4 visits. The orignal poster also has not returned. Your "mear" mortals line really leaves me wondering as many of us frequent both types of establishments - chain and non-chain, or roadfood establishments. Remember, it's, not Chains 'R Us!


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        RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Tue, 02/13/07 12:47 PM (permalink)
        I will repeat...we were trolled. Moe's is acceptable but not exceptional...fuel, but nothing to dance about.

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          RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Wed, 02/14/07 3:31 PM (permalink)
          I think maybe you just ordered the wrong thing, cause I'm a die hard Moe's fan, never miss an opportunity to hit it. the Joey Bag of Donuts and the Homewrecker are both top notch choices.

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            RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Thu, 02/15/07 9:47 AM (permalink)
            Never heard of Moes, so looked homepage, then menu. Not sure I could ever order food going by such names.
              mayor al

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              RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Tue, 03/6/07 8:03 AM (permalink)

              Trust me, You aren't missing a thing! Foodfan, maybe you got lucky and got a 'Homewrecker' that wasn't cold, all rice and overpriced. No more Moe's for me.

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                RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Tue, 03/13/07 10:44 AM (permalink)
                We had a "moment" the other day. Taco Bell was on our side of the street and Moe's was a left turn. Both children spoke out..."What's the diff?"

                Just a comment...out of the mouth's of babes.

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                  RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Sun, 05/6/07 1:47 PM (permalink)
                  I love mexican food but I also look at the health scores and most of their scores are not good. I along with mt family are tired of getting food poisoning so I now check their scores. For something quick the kids liked Taco Bell but they do not wear gloves and I have seen many touch their hair or nose. All fast food should be requied to wear gloves while dealing directly with our food.

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                    RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Wed, 12/12/07 10:25 PM (permalink)
                    I ate at Moe's in Lakeland, FL (north side) for lunch today.
                    First time. I had the "home wrecker" steak burrito.
                    It was not very good. I can usually eat anything. 10 hours later, I'm blowing chunks of burrito. I can say that it did taste better going down, but not by much.


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                      RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Thu, 12/13/07 3:45 AM (permalink)
                      I'd never make it to the stupid cutesy names of the menu items because I'd turn on my heel and unass the place as soon as they shouted that idiotic welcome to me.

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                        RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Thu, 12/13/07 9:25 AM (permalink)
                        Never eaten at a Moe's.Why should I with all the great Tex-Mex here in San Antonio.
                        Cat329,Channel 4,WOAI does their Kitchen Kops segment.
                        Check out their website. They go around to different restaurants here in town and tell everyone how many demerits these places get and what for.The tv station has even gotten kicked out of a few places. They also hand out the Blue Plate Award.That's for restaurants that get great health inspection reports.
                        I think KENS 5,which is and KSAT 12 also do their own version of Kitchen Kops.
                          High Springs Gator

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                          RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Sun, 01/6/08 10:44 PM (permalink)
                          I decided to give Moe's in Gainesville Fl a try after reading a positive review in the Gainesville Sun. They gave Moe's high marks for taste, and large portions for the money. I went on a monday and it was crowded with college kids and yuppies as far I could tell. The menu was mass confusion, and I hated the feeling of being rushed by the counter help to place my order. The burrito I ordered and its contents were cold and bland. The tortilla was pasty tasting and chewy, not how I like them. They recently opened a 2nd Moe's on the other side of town. As expected its packed. I do not understand the love fest people in Gainesville have for Moe's. Save your money, Moe's blows.

                            RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Mon, 01/7/08 9:50 AM (permalink)
                            There was a Moe's up the highway here, but it closed after a year. Now there is a Qdoba in the same space.

                            <message edited by MiamiDon on Wed, 10/14/09 8:22 AM>

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                              RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Thu, 09/18/08 9:45 PM (permalink)
                              I've eaten Moe's twice in the past week, the 1st and 2nd time ever. I understand that chain restaurants are severely hated on this site by most of you, and that's ok. I enjoy Moe's. I enjoy it immensely. The tacos(only thing I've had so far) are meat and topping-filled and taste great. If it didn't cost an arm and a leg to eat there, I would probably continue to eat it at the rate I have this week. I like it more than Baja Fresh because in addition to steak and chicken, they have ground beef. That, and the fact that the only time I ate at Baja Fresh it tasted literally like garbage. I've yet to have an issue with anything being cold when it should be hot, or greasy and watered down when it should be otherwise. The Moe's in Parsippany, NJ, is worth checking out.

                                RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Thu, 09/18/08 9:55 PM (permalink)
                                Oops! The Qdoba closed up.

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                                  RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Tue, 06/23/09 3:42 PM (permalink)
                                  My boyfriend and I go to the Moe's Southwest Grill in Milford, CT and I have to say, I am a fan of the place...we used to go more frequently, until I looked at the calories involved in their quesadillas....I love the chicken quesadilla with black beans, cheese, and olives...and I really enjoy the queso...

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                                    RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Tue, 06/23/09 3:48 PM (permalink)
                                    shouldn't the fast food thread police be arriving soon?

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                                      RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Wed, 06/24/09 9:30 AM (permalink)
                                      Probably Bill.  I don't think they qualify as Mexican, any more than Qdoba, Chipotle, all those places that Don listed.

                                      I will say this; the one on campus at USC is pretty good.  I probably eat there about every other week.  You can ask them to leave the rice out of your burrito; otherwise they will load it up.  It seems to be pretty good food for loading up young tummies.  I get them to load mine up with veggies.  And since the economy went south they've been doing a thing where all the burritos on Monday are $5 with a drink.  They did get rid of my favorite loophole, the kid's burrito deal, which got it down to like $3.95 and included a cookie (but their cookies are awful).

                                        RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Wed, 06/24/09 5:33 PM (permalink)
                                        Stupid names for food items and people yelling in my ear while I eat = FAIL

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                                          RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Wed, 08/26/09 8:31 AM (permalink)
                                          I'm a fan of the Personal Trainer (meatless taco salad) in a crunchy bowl.  I have them pile on all the fixings including fresh jalapenos.  I skip the dressing and load the salad up with tomatillo sauce and other salsa.  In the end you don't even notice the lack of meat.  It's the best bang for your buck.



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                                            RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Sat, 10/3/09 10:34 AM (permalink)
                                            Moe's closed out here on Indy's westside. And whats replacing it?   FIVE GUYS (I'll go there for FRIES!)
                                              sk bob

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                                              RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Tue, 10/6/09 5:30 PM (permalink)
                                              just got $25 in gift cards to Moes for free.
                                              it is on the list of places to try (way down) that we've never been to.
                                              if its free it just moved way up on the list.
                                              is it a get it yourself place or waitress service?

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                                                RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Tue, 10/6/09 7:59 PM (permalink)
                                                No waitresses.  Order at the counter and carry your order to a table.
                                                  sk bob

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                                                  RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Fri, 10/9/09 6:34 PM (permalink)
                                                  went to Moes last night. we each ordered the steak fajitas, hold the guac please. $8.99 per order.
                                                  they came with 3 hot tortilla shells & you assemble them yourself.
                                                  the meat  had the  tasteof southwest seasonings, just enough so it wasn't tasteless here.
                                                  the portions were on the money, just enough.
                                                  the place wasn't noisy even though there were a number of kids there & the music was fine.
                                                  there were about 5 people ahead of us in the Subway- Quiznos like assembly line & 1 guy on a cell phone asking his wife what she wanted on her whatever it was he was getting her.
                                                  to sum up IMHO.
                                                  total with 1 beer & 1 med. soda $23.67 I could go to Chilis & have fresh cooked & waitress service & fresh beer for about the same price.
                                                  would I go there again?
                                                  for free like this time,yes.
                                                   to pay for, no.

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                                                    RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Tue, 10/13/09 8:00 AM (permalink)
                                                    Remember, folks, you can't spell mediocre without M-O-E.

                                                    (I didn't *just* register to post that, but while I'm here...)


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                                                      RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Tue, 10/13/09 6:22 PM (permalink)
                                                      A few months ago, one of these franchises opened in North Brunswick, NJ, a few miles from my house.  The most interesting feature of the location is that the franchise owner chose to open his place in a strip mall that was completed several years ago, but had remained vacant ever since.  The Moe's storefront is the only illuminated presence in this still-vacant strip mall.  
                                                      When driving past in the evening , I do usually notice a few cars parked in front of Moe's, so they are doing some business, but it surely doesn't look like enough business to sustain them.  What kind of business sense does one exhibit by being the ONLY business in a large vacant strip mall?

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                                                        RE: Moe's Southwest Grill Wed, 10/14/09 10:10 AM (permalink)
                                                        Sounds like a way to get very reasonable rent during tough economic times.  That doesn't necessarily make it a sound business decision, but landlords are desperate to get first tenants generally.
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