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 Discontinued Cereals

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RE: Discontinued Cereals Mon, 09/17/07 9:34 AM (permalink)
What number?

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    RE: Discontinued Cereals Mon, 09/17/07 9:39 AM (permalink)
    Quisp story of the year:

    We have a supermarket in town that is based in NEPA - Redner's Warehouse Markets. They are a low-ball operation that is one of those that claims that it is 'employee owned'. They are actually real good, have dirt cheap prices -without the intrusion of a 'card'! A few weeks ago, they had in their flier hidden away in a corner, the following special: 2/$5! Naturally. I RAN down there the first chance I got. Getting there, I literally searched inever cor ner of the store - no Quisp! I was p**ssed! I literally ran home, and got right online and wrote a nasty, nasty email -one of those that is supposedly 'to the president', blah, blah...WELL - not more than an hour later I got a phone call from the local store mananger - he was VERY apologetic, and said it was a vendor problem, they would take care of it, and that I should have a couple of boxes very soon, etc, etc..

    Flash forward a couple of weeks - I had sort of semi forgotten about the whole thing, when Tom the store manager called again - my Quisp was in!! I ran back down there, and stopped at the service desk, thinking they had just imported a couple of boxes for me. Instead, they girl directs me to the end of one aisle where...THEY HAD A WHOLE DAMN DISPLAY OF THE STUFF!! Cool Quaker display case and all (wis now I had brought a camera!). I immediately bought three boxes!

      RE: Discontinued Cereals Mon, 09/17/07 9:54 AM (permalink)
      Originally posted by DavidEMartin

      Gawd, were Freakies awful!
      But even worse was a similar cereal, Giggles Smiles and Laughs. My younger sister and I were cereal addicts, capable of devouring boxes of just about anything you could pour milk over but these intensely colored smilie faces turned us right off. It was the first time Mom had to throw out a barely-touched box of cereal.

      The correct name was Grins Smiles Giggles & Laughs -- and I still have a prize from that cereal: a little plastic walking toy, featuring one of the characters. Also, I had a suitemate in college who would pour his Ice Cream Jones (miniature ice-cream scoops and cones) cereal in my Corn Bran as a joke. I used to love Waffleo's (and the commercial with the cartoon cowboy rounding up the "li'l blueberry critters"), but my favorite, to this day, is Fruity Pebbles -- the most artificially tasting fruit flavors available on the market!

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        RE: Discontinued Cereals Mon, 09/17/07 10:13 AM (permalink)
        Hey,I saw frankenberry,Count Chocula and BooBerry at the Walmart here in Schertz.I guess Post or kellogs brought them back for Halloween. I have seen Quisp,the cereal with the alien on it at the SuperTarget on Loop1604 and Blanco Road in San Antonio.
        Annpeeples,you can find Wolf Brand Chili all over this part of Texas with no problem.
        Wish Kool_aid would bring back their Rootbeer mix they had back in the 1970s and 80s,which they later dropped.Keebler's made back in the 1980s some flour tortilla chips which were good,but quit making.
        As far as cereals go,there are still some that are being made,but might only be sold in local regions . Just saw at Walmart and H.E.B.Grocerystore a new Kellog's one called La Lecheria,which has a milkmaid on the box and I assume in spanish refers to the fact it has lots of milk in it.See alot of that in this area due to the high hispanic population.Whether one could find it in say Chicago or DeMoines is another matter.

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          RE: Discontinued Cereals Mon, 09/17/07 10:52 AM (permalink)
          Love that Quisp cereal !!

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            RE: Discontinued Cereals Thu, 09/27/07 3:42 PM (permalink)
            I remember Team..I was a weird kid in that I liked a lot of the 'boring' cereals as well. Remember 40% bran flakes? As a kid I called them just 'forties'. Wonder what the other 60% is? Now they are just Bran flakes. Let's see..Donutz..small, powdered donuts that were "cereal". Dunkin Donuts..had both glazed and chocolate varieties..Ice Cream sister loved that. Corn Bran..mmmm..haven't seen that in a good 8 years. Oh heck I can go on forever with this one!

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              RE: Discontinued Cereals Tue, 05/28/13 12:49 PM (permalink)
                  I know this message was from several years ago, but I just found this site. I wanted to respond to a couple of points, being a Triple Snack fan for over 50 years. It was first produced when I was in junior high & my sister one year younger, and we both loved it! It did come in the big regular size box, not only the snack pack size.
                  That tour guide had the right years, but he was wrong about the cereal only being test-marketed in the Northeast US. I have grown up in central California where it was sold during those years. I remembered the jingle, too--sang it to my kids when they were young & told them about the cereal. I even made some for them a couple of times-a mix of Corn Pops, Honey Smacks & peanuts. Still just as good as I remembered! Hmmm. . .I should make some for the grandkids & sing them the song. The fun never stops!

              Bet none of you remember Triple Snack !

              Only breakfast cereal I ever really enjoyed - it was a Kellog product and came in those single serving boxes, an assortment of which was on every table at my summer camp breakfast in Vermont.
              It was a combination of sugar pops, sugar puffs (latter was dark and wheaty tasting unlike the pops which were light yellow and sugary - each was sold as a separate cereal back then) and peanuts !

              When I visited the plant in Battle Creek late-80's and asked about this product during a pre-tour question period, my friends groaned as I disputed the guide's assertion that no such product had ever been produced. At the end of the plant portion of the tour, however, the guide made an announcement/correction: apparently the cereal was test marketed in the NE US only in 1963-64, then discontinued.

              Anyway, a nice memory !


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                RE: Discontinued Cereals Thu, 05/30/13 9:30 AM (permalink)
                Putting a clown on a box of cereal and calling it KABOOM must have scared a few generations of children.

                Ice cream cones cereal was really cute!

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                  RE: Discontinued Cereals Thu, 05/30/13 11:28 AM (permalink)
                  Kream Krunch...


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                    Re:Discontinued Cereals Wed, 09/11/13 6:04 AM (permalink)
                    what about "Mother's Oats" and "Father's Oats" for hot cereals? both had a Victorian era parent sharing her oats with a child by handing him/her a spoonfull over his/her shoulder. one came a predominately red carton and the other was predominately blue.

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                      RE: Discontinued Cereals Wed, 09/11/13 7:49 AM (permalink)
                      As a very young boy in the 1960s and early 70s, I was a Quisp-o-holic.  Once a day everyday, sometimes twice as a snack after school.  It went away for quite some time but Quaker Oats brought it back as an online product only.  'Tain't cheap though.
                        ann peeples

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                        RE: Discontinued Cereals Wed, 09/11/13 12:15 PM (permalink)
                        Loved Quisp......

                          RE: Discontinued Cereals Wed, 09/11/13 7:51 PM (permalink)
                          Inspired by this thread, I recently wrote an article for another outlet on Freakies cereal here.  Thought y'all might enjoy it!    Chris

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                            RE: Discontinued Cereals Wed, 09/11/13 8:00 PM (permalink)
                            Quisp can still be found in stores. Tops Friendly Markets in New York State has had displays of Quisp several times a year for at least the last five years.  The last batch is winding down now.

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                              RE: Discontinued Cereals Thu, 09/12/13 2:46 PM (permalink)
                              In case word hadn't gone out, not only are the General Mills monster cereals out again, but they've resurrected Fruit Brute (now respelled "Frute") and Yummy Mummy.  The Target near me was out of YM, but I'm on my second box of FB.  It's wonderful.

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                                RE: Discontinued Cereals Thu, 09/12/13 8:35 PM (permalink)
                                I was disappointed with the re releases of the two and the reformulated monster cereals.
                                Big Brother needs to leave the cereal biz alone and let us enjoy our cereal they way we used to.
                                The YM didnt even change my milk color or add to the sweetness left over in the bowl.
                                  Big Ugly Mich

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                                  RE: Discontinued Cereals Thu, 09/12/13 9:07 PM (permalink)
                                  Quisp can still be found in stores. Tops Friendly Markets in New York State has had displays of Quisp several times a year for at least the last five years.  The last batch is winding down now.
                                  But not Quake or Orange Quangaroos. Around here (SE Wisconsin), get Quisp at Woodman's.


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                                    Re:Discontinued Cereals Sat, 11/2/13 5:00 PM (permalink)
                                    I remember liking Team flakes. Better, though, was the 4-cereal line of single-grain flaked cereals: wheat, corn, rye, or barley. I LOVED the barley flakes, and literally nobody else makes a similar cereal. They had a deep crackly crunch to them, not fragile.

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                                      Re:Discontinued Cereals Tue, 11/5/13 5:59 AM (permalink)
                                      Quaker 100 percent natural granola used to have a version with dates and it was chewy and addictive!
                                        Vince Macek

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                                        RE: Discontinued Cereals Sun, 11/17/13 10:34 PM (permalink)

                                        Putting a clown on a box of cereal and calling it KABOOM must have scared a few generations of children.

                                        One of my favorite visual gags in a movie was in "Kill Bill Volume I" where Uma Thurman visits a fellow professional assassin, now a suburban mom - who, at one point, pulls a gun out of a box of KABOOM cereal.

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                                          RE: Discontinued Cereals Wed, 11/27/13 2:54 PM (permalink)
                                          I may have missed earlier references in this thread, but here are some cereals I miss from when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s:
                                          Raisins, Rice and Rye
                                          Graham Crackos (graham cracker cereal)
                                          Waffelos (waffle-tasting cereal)
                                          Raisin squares (like mini shredded wheat with a raisin inside each one)
                                          Here's a link to a Graham Cracko's image:

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                                            RE: Discontinued Cereals Wed, 11/27/13 7:43 PM (permalink)
                                            As a child, it was a black, black, day for me when my mother trimmed an article from the paper which listed cereals which contained low levels of sugar. We did most of our shopping at a neighborhood store down the street and we were only allowed to buy cereals which were listed in that article. AAAAAAAAAArgh We could not get around that list. Mother gave us the shopping lists and money and was waiting when we got home. We didn't get enough allowance to buy cereal on our own. If we bought a cereal that wasn't on the list, we had to take it straight back to the store. I remember studying the KABOOM box. I think it maybe just barely was acceptable under the rules. Now, I study package labels, because I'm diabetic, and am horrified at the sugar count in so many cereals. I can hardly believe they are meant to be eaten in quantity daily. Maybe as a treat or a snack. I bought some cocoa puffs a couple of years ago as a snack. Just to see what they were like. Woof! I couldn't eat them. They were sweeter than some cookies I have eaten.  

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                                              RE: Discontinued Cereals Sat, 01/18/14 4:17 AM (permalink)
                                              Weetbix is a good according to most health reports and also other cereals that have a total content of 15% or less. Some cereals that contain as much as 20% total sugars and even you are better off without as the total sugars content is too high.


                                              <message edited by admasonscottish on Sat, 01/18/14 4:32 AM>

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                                                RE: Discontinued Cereals Sat, 01/18/14 4:25 AM (permalink)
                                                Plain Shredded Wheat is getting hard to find. I believe Post is the only brand of basic Shredded Wheat still around.
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