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 Not A Roadfood Topic

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  • Location: Marvell, AR
Not A Roadfood Topic Wed, 10/22/03 3:21 PM (permalink)
While this ain't a roadfood topic,I've seen some others on here which aren't either, and I just wanted to say that hope all of you are enjoying such a perfect day as we are having here today. While we have been blessed with mainly really good weather since early Sept., I don't think I've ever anywhere at any time seen such a perfect day as today is here. There's not a cloud to be found anywhere, have never seen such blue sky and bright sun, great low humidity, absolutely perfect temperature (neither too hot nor too cold), gentle & pleasant breeze, and beautiful multi-colored leaves falling like the rain. Could all days be like this! Despite the condition of this old world, this is surely a day best described by the saying, "God's in His heaven and all is right with the world". Let me get back out in the yard and get some work done and further enjoy the weather, as rain and colder temps are forecast for the weekend. Again, hope all of you are so blessed today.
    Kristi S.

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    • Location: St. Petersburg/Tampa, FL
    RE: Not A Roadfood Topic Wed, 10/22/03 5:49 PM (permalink)

    For a moment I thought you perhaps live where I do - Florida - because you perfectly described the same kind of day I am having here. I spent 3 hours alone on a breezy, sunny beach with not a soul around (except sports talk radio!) and a few little egrets. I watered my marigold seeds and ate fresh cantaloupe outside and reveled in the low humidity and perfect sunshine. I hope you too, have many more days ahead that you can enjoy, purely and simply.

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      RE: Not A Roadfood Topic Wed, 10/22/03 5:53 PM (permalink)
      Liketoeat, hope you're out there enjoyin' that beautiful day. For Alaska in October we're having great weather too, lots of sun and blue skies, temps in the 40's, I'm gonna take a 5 mile walk on a XC ski trail through the woods, I'll probably be able to see Mt. McKinley even tho it's 300 miles away. I have two moose (cow and calf) grazing on the grass in my back yard!
        Mayhaw Man

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        • Location: Abita Springs, LA
        RE: Not A Roadfood Topic Wed, 10/22/03 8:26 PM (permalink)
        Weather here was great today. SPent part of it working on my giant old house (a neverending process, this time it is a new floor on the porch that goes around 3 sides, HAS ANYONE SEEN THE PRICE OF GOOD LUMBER LATELY) and part of it picking up pecans. We have had a bumper crop this year and there are so many that the squirrells seem to not be able to wreck them before they ripen

        My mother reports that the pecans up in Mer Rouge have done better than they have in years, is this the situation generally in the South this year? I know some years are better than others, but this one seems to be great.

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          • Location: Marvell, AR
          RE: Not A Roadfood Topic Wed, 10/22/03 9:15 PM (permalink)
          Hi - enjoyed all of your posts which I do believe speak pretty well for the weather the entire (or at least the great majority of the) North American continent is enjoying today - all the way from Alaska, though Arkansas and Louisiana, and on down into Florida.(And, Kristi, I know that a day such as this, particularly one with the great low humidity, can be even more of a rarity in many parts of Florida than here.) Really don't believe a day such as this can be beat, but unfortunately such days don't come along that often. Lets all hope for more of the same before any drastic changes occur. Though all of our spots sound wonderful, believe you'll take the trophy, lleechef, what with Mt. McKinley in view, that great hike, and the moose grazing in the back yard, and with your locale/experiences coming in a close second, Kristi. Mayhaw, yes, I unfortuntely have had occasion to experience the current price of good lumber! Not sure yet about our pecan crop this year; its going to be at least good, if not great. (Our pecans are frequently an every other year good - bad crop.) Thank goodness all the other crops in this area - corn, cotton, rice, soybeans - are the best they've been in years and the farmers are having a great season to get them harvested. Oh, lleechef, Mayhaw is surely right, as he most always is, about Dauphin Island being the one really not overly developed spot along the entire central Gulf coast (tho I still prefer Baldwin Co.), and loved his account of "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!".
          Have a good evening, everyone.

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            • Location: Somewhere in time...and Colorado
            RE: Not A Roadfood Topic Wed, 10/22/03 11:19 PM (permalink)
            We're having 'Indian Summer' here in lovely Colorado, and believe you me, you haven't seen a sky until you've seen an October sky against the back range of the Rocky Mountains. It's been clear as a bell, breezy, blowing all the molten gold leaves through the streets (and sure, we have an overabundance of yellow here, but more and more red- and orange-leaved trees are being planted here) and it only takes the merest wisp of cirrus clouds at dusk to provide the most flaming sunsets in the world.

            Happy to be in Colorful Colorado............


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              RE: Not A Roadfood Topic Thu, 10/23/03 3:56 AM (permalink)
              I know that all of you live in various beautiful and breathtaking places, as do I. I just came in from the back porch watching the aurora borealis (Northern Lights) full of blue, green and red, dancing like ribbons through the sky. The two moose spent the entire afternoon and evening in the back yard, just kicking back and grazing, not too concerned with our comings and goings. During my walk I spotted a big bull moose with a beautiful rack, several eagles, a great horned owl, a half-dozen ptarmigan, some sand-hill cranes that had not yet flown south and some lingering trumpeter swans. Mt. McKinley (Denali for us) was visible all day and now we're getting ready to turn in for the evening thinking.......geeze, we live in one of the most beautiful places on this earth. Life is good and thank God for all the blessings.

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                RE: Not A Roadfood Topic Thu, 10/23/03 6:39 AM (permalink)
                Originally posted by Mayhaw Man

                SPent part of it working on my giant old house (a neverending process, this time it is a new floor on the porch that goes around 3 sides, HAS ANYONE SEEN THE PRICE OF GOOD LUMBER LATELY)

                Tell me about it!!!i am in the process of a lifelong dream---building my own home---and was "lucky"enough to pick a time when lumber prices are skyrocketing!!!Seems that Haliburtan is buying up all they can to rebuild Iraq and once again,I am paying for it!But---it WAS a beautiful day!!!and has been all week and will be be till the weekend when they say we in for a big change---so this am after my coffee of course--i plan to enjoy it and get the subfloor laid down and covered up so i can drive up to Illinios in the weather and get the dome kit that forms the building shell. Then i get to do the insides and hopefully cook my holiday meals in it!Of course we all know--any building project always take longed and cost more then planned---but when im done with THIS one---its MINE and paid for too! And to small for the kids to move back in.too--(but Dad.its only got one bedroom,where will i stay? ---well hopefully at the hotel or your house!)I really do love my kids---especially now that they both have jobs! Yes indeed, thankfully---it was---and still is--a Beautiful day!!!
                  mayor al

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                  • Roadfood Insider
                  RE: Not A Roadfood Topic Thu, 10/23/03 8:29 AM (permalink)
                  Anytime I start to get a bit 'homesick' for the SoCal desert area I stop and think about this time of year here in the Ohio Valley. Fall is outstanding ! Wife, McDuff and I have done some day trips to get the new dog conditioned to days in the truck. We are prepping for a Knoxville-Savannah, St Augustine-Pensacola-Home road trip in November. It is time to teach the pup about seafood.
                  As an update for a question asked last spring about sweet potatoes. We dug ours last week. We had planted 50 plants, lost forty to birds and lack of skill... but we dug about 40 pounds of good sweets from the survivors.
                    Lone Star

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                    • Location: Houston, TX
                    RE: Not A Roadfood Topic Thu, 10/23/03 10:30 AM (permalink)
                    These days like we have been enjoying in the Bayou City are so precious and few, you just want to drink them up!

                    I am fortunate that our office is in a beautiful old crafstman style house in the Houston Heights, with many huge trees and beautiful gardens. My desk is postioned so that I have two windows in constant view. We also have a deck that we spend time on during weather like this.

                    For lunch yesterday we went to Beck's Prime at the Memorial golf course club house and sat outside watching all the noon time golfers hit a few.

                    Everyone who has a convertible is driving with the tops down, and life is good!

                    High is supposed to hit a record 90 today, but who cares, there is no humidity!

                    Thanks for the topic Liketoeat!

                    Lonestar, on the deck.


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                      • Location: Marvell, AR
                      RE: Not A Roadfood Topic Thu, 10/23/03 11:28 AM (permalink)
                      Have earlier this morn been out in the yard and now headed back there to enjoy weather just as fine as that we had yesterday (and hopefully to get a little more work done) . Glad to know that even more Roadfooders are also enjoying and appreciating such great weather. Will be a real shock if the rain and cold forecast for the weekend materialize, but am just thankful for this beautiful weather with which we've been blessed.
                      Oh, lleechef, I remember how beautiful the aurora borlealis can be from Navy time in Baffin Island and Thule, Greenland. Though lacking the northern lights, the sun, weather in general, in the Antarctic summer I felt was more brilliant than that of Arctic summer in eastern Canada and Greenland. Both were beautiful (though could be deceptively cold in all the bright sunshine). And the wildlife at both end of the world are such fine examples of God's handiwork. Seeing the whales cavorting in the ocean and the albatrosses soaring overhead can kinda make man realize that there is more to this old world than himself.
                      On an entirely different note, just out of curiousity, tiki, is it a geodestic dome home which you are building? Thought maybe so from your mentioning the dome kit and headed to Illinois for it. Whatever, know you will enjoy and appreciate it once its completed.

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                        RE: Not A Roadfood Topic Thu, 10/23/03 11:29 AM (permalink)
                        Originally posted by Lone Star

                        These days like we have been enjoying in the Bayou City are so precious and few, you just want to drink them up!

                        Same here around Austin. Most days have been incredible for 2 or 3 weeks now. Makes it hard to stay focused on work!

                        I like reading about other parts of the country, too. Y'all do a wonderful job of describing your areas. Really creates some "pictures" in my mind...

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                          RE: Not A Roadfood Topic Thu, 10/23/03 12:54 PM (permalink)
                          Just this once while we're talking about weather and not food for a change, I thought I would share this with all of you from this mornings' Anchorage Daily News ( Government space weather forecasters warned Wed. that a strong geomagnetic storm is expected to develop when a severed bit of the sun's corona reaches Earth on Friday. The storm may make the aurora borealis visible as far south as Illinois and Oregon.
                          Be on the lookout! The aurora is a unique experience, very enchanting, very beautiful. It usually occurs after midnight (we have set our alarm clock for 1:30 AM more than once!). Hope you see it!

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                            RE: Not A Roadfood Topic Thu, 10/23/03 1:09 PM (permalink)
                            Thanks for the "warning" lleechef! Here in Northern Illinois we do see the northern lights every once in awhile and they are so magical. When I was young and in scout camp in northern Wisconsin I remember one special night when they appeared and we all went down to the lake where you could see them reflecting in the water as well. Our fall has been beautiful here too, a little too dry but the colors of the trees have been vibrant and today and yesterday have been crystal clear. The local farmers have brought in the corn and the soybeans and there is a prediction of snow in the next few days so I'm enjoying being outside as much as I can. Thanks, Liketoeat, for starting this tour of the country!
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