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 Recent KFC debacle

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Re:Recent KFC debacle Mon, 01/19/09 11:37 AM (permalink)


I was in N. Carolina recently and ordered wings from a chain named Bojangles.Twice the size of KFC and better tasting. Used to love KFC, but their chicken has gotten so much smaller. Why bother?

I used to believe that Bojangles was the best fried-chicken chain.  Even their cole slaw was great.  Unfortunately, they left South Florida about twenty years ago.  Now, Popeye's is my first choice.  I haven't bothered with KFC in about 25 years. Popeye's closely..from what I have seen at their Eastgate Cinci location they are going downhill much so that I am no longer eating there..and I loved their food at one time..


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    Re:Recent KFC debacle Mon, 01/19/09 12:13 PM (permalink)
    The KFC's in Northern Ireland seem to be becoming something of the past, I've watched a few close and the ones that do remain are terribly run with either young or foreign workers behind the counter.  Now its been a long time since I've eaten at a KFC, I find it in general to be too greasy, slimy and the fries are usually soggy and tasteless.  Although there is one about 28 miles from me that's everything you would want it to be, clean, well run and very well cooked food, it's a shame that most of them cannot be like this as there's nothing better than fried chicken and KFC has the potential to be good if they just sorted themselves out!

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      Re:Recent KFC debacle Mon, 01/19/09 5:27 PM (permalink)
      You're right kirstinem1 --- they need to sort themselves out or they will be going the way of the sparrow, just like Long John Silver's and many other chains.  I can predict our local KFC not being around for long if they continue with their skimping and outrageous prices for fast food.  We went into Lexington yesterday and there were two LJS closed down.  These chains don't seem to get it that they need to go back to where they started --- that's what made them and not what they're doing now.


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        Re:Recent KFC debacle Mon, 01/19/09 5:41 PM (permalink)
        sounds like the kfc/taco bell here in my town.

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          Re:Recent KFC debacle Mon, 01/19/09 8:28 PM (permalink)
          wasnt that a kfc  in nyc a few years ago with the rats running around they showed on all the news channels?

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            Re:Recent KFC debacle Mon, 01/19/09 9:42 PM (permalink)
            It is my understanding that the rats in NYC  enjoy running through many restaurants, and not just Kentucky Fried Chicken

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              Re:Recent KFC debacle Mon, 01/19/09 11:01 PM (permalink)

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                Re:Recent KFC debacle Tue, 01/20/09 3:19 AM (permalink)
                there are still a few decent kfc locations in my area, the best one is a kfc-only and is about a block away from a popeye's, so the constant competition keeps the quality up in both restaurants. the combo stores are something else... the most common one seems to be kfc/taco bell and the chicken always sucks in those stores. the absolute worst that i ever went to was a kfc/taco bell/pizza hut.. we ordered chicken and pizza, and both were terrible.

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                  Re:Recent KFC debacle Sun, 01/25/09 4:47 AM (permalink)
                  The ones here are not very good. Small pieces and you dont know how long it has been sitting. Lucky for us there are a lot of GREAT local places that have really good chicken. Most stores even have a nice chicken setup in their deli. So we are not stuck with KFC. The Darboy Club, Romys Nightengale, Van Ables are just a few of the places we have to get good chicken. Copps food centers have really good chicken out of their deli. They have spicy breaded chicken wings that are to die for.

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                    Re:Recent KFC debacle Mon, 01/26/09 11:29 AM (permalink)
                    Haven't eaten at one in ages,don't eat there or Taco Bell.
                    If i get chicken tenders I go to Bill Miller BBQ in Universal City, or to Church's Chicken also in UC.
                    Bill miller also sells fried chicken besides bbq, and they also have a very good beef soup in winter.
                    They are a local San Antonio,Texas chain for those of you not in the state.
                    There is also Chicken Express ,but the nearest one is in Seguin or New Braunfels.
                    I haven't tried Bush's Fried Chicken.they are a chain from either north Texas or Oklahoma.
                    They have one in Converse, and a new one on Topperwien and Kitty Hawk in Live Oak.
                    The chicken from Bill Millers and Chicken Express are a decent size, and so is Church's.
                    When I got some from Popeye's it too was a good size.
                    Maybe KFC uses the same size chickens the Sweet Sue brand uses for their whole chicken in the can.
                    Got to buy a can to see how big the chicken is.Must be young pullets or something.
                    I just buy the cut up chicken , or chicken breasts when on sale, and make my own oven fried chicken, less greasy that way.
                    KFC was good years ago when the Colonel ran it. I even remember Chicken Delite. They are in Canada and i think some of the northern states.
                    There is a Pollo Campero on the other side of San Antonio.Also we have Pollo Loco which is roast chicken, but neither place is by me.

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                      Re:Recent KFC debacle Mon, 01/26/09 2:22 PM (permalink)

                      It is my understanding that the rats in NYC  enjoy running through many restaurants, and not just Kentucky Fried Chicken

                      A rat used to run all of New York, until he got caught doing a very expensive nasty!

                        ann peeples

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                        Re:Recent KFC debacle Mon, 01/26/09 5:29 PM (permalink)
                        I have to agree with nocarolina-Biscuitville has very good biscuits, anf their fried chicken beats KFC anyday.I am a fan of wings, and theirs are large compared to the ones served at KFC. Whenever we visit N.C., we always go their at least once during our visit.

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                          Re:Recent KFC debacle Sun, 04/19/09 1:32 PM (permalink)
                          We just had Bojangles for lunch and noticed for the first time the chicken was smaller. Now I don't have a problem with Bojangle's smaller pieces because it seemed it was cooked through better for me. I like my fried chicken to almost fall off the bone instead of being chewy. That said I will take Bojangles over KFC any day... I just wish we had a Popeye's near here as they are better to me.

                          Dennis in Cary

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                            Re:Recent KFC debacle Sun, 04/19/09 3:45 PM (permalink)
                             We go to KFC so my husband can get their cole slaw, the chicken we've given up on years ago.  A local butcher shop makes their own fried chicken, and KFC can't touch it.

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                              Re:Recent KFC debacle Sun, 04/19/09 6:31 PM (permalink)
                              My last experience at KFC was not good, it was a KFC/LJS. We got the eight piece extra crispy, the pieces were small and dried out, mashed potatoes were OK but the gravy wasn't anywhere near as good as it used to be. Years ago KFC used to be really good, next time I'm headed to Popeye's for chicken, red beans and rice.

                              The closest Taco Bell is a Taco Bell/Pizza Hut. When it comes to tacos I prefer Taco Johns, IMO they have a better tasting product. We have a local chain, El Burrito Loco, that has a good product but you almost need to speak Spanish to know what you're getting. Their food is good though, it tastes home made. They have a Giant Burrito that's really good, about the size of a small football.

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                                Re:Recent KFC debacle Sun, 04/19/09 7:06 PM (permalink)
                                W.e picked up KFC today because my MIL wanted it for her birthday. It was 15.99 foe 12 pieces and the wings looked like they came from a cornish hen. Its a good thing that I made the sides myself or we would have really spent even more on less!!
                                Bojangles is my family's favorite but Mom in law thinks it is too spicy

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                                  Re:Recent KFC debacle Sun, 04/19/09 7:16 PM (permalink)
                                  I just do popeyes, but still not cheap

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                                    Re:Recent KFC debacle Wed, 04/22/09 4:49 PM (permalink)
                                    I finally saw the KFC grilled chicken commercial today and I won't be rushing out to buy any for sure. If I want grilled chicken I fire up the grill.

                                    Dennis in Cary

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                                      Re:Recent KFC debacle Wed, 04/22/09 4:53 PM (permalink)

                                      I just do popeyes, but still not cheap

                                      Their quality control suck nowadays.


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                                        Re:Recent KFC debacle Wed, 04/22/09 11:58 PM (permalink)
                                        In my small town we have a KFC, BoJangle's, Ms Winner's, Popeye's and the local grocery stores make fried chicken daily. KFC is very clean, but the quality is sadly lacking. Ms.Winners is going down hill, I think because they are trying to "make" too many different things. BoJangles is quite good as is Popeye's. The Harris Teeter grocery store makes decent fried Chicken, Yes it's a open kitchen so you can see it  being fried and packaged to order .. and on Friday a   8 pc bucket is $4.99.. I can't make it for that price.

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                                          Re:Recent KFC debacle Thu, 04/23/09 11:43 PM (permalink)
                                          Our KFC is  clean but the chicken is dried out --- like something excavated from an ancient pyramid.  It's across the street from Kroger's where you can get a decent whole rotisserie chicken or fried chicken for much less if you get there before they sell out.  I was hoping it would be good with this new KFC, as we used to have one here that was quite good, but no.  These fast food places need to get back to their roots and what made them famous and quit experimenting and and stick to what worked.
                                          Cutting corners and raising prices does not work.


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                                            Re:Recent KFC debacle Fri, 04/24/09 10:46 AM (permalink)
                                            We've had KFC twice in the past three weeks...I've really not had domestic KFC in years until recently.  We went twice because we tried the grilled chicken (yuck) once and we had a gizzard craving once (yum).  The regular chicken that we got on those trips was really sucky.  The pieces of fried and grilled chicken looked like cornish hens were used.  It's a shame. 

                                            The best KFCs I've ever been to are in the Caribbean...specifically Trinidad & Tobago.  We were in Trinidad over Christmas/New Years and found out that those folks FLOCK to KFC...and for good reason.  The chicken is great!  Not only is the chicken out of this world, but you also get REAL hot sauce to go with it...Trini hot sauce not this liquid red crap you have to deal with here.
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