Hot!Taco Bell's new breakfast menu!

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Taco Bell's new breakfast menu!

A coworker brought some of it to the office on the morning they started: several Waffle Tacos and a few AM Crunchwraps, plus several packets syrup and Heinz "del sol" sauce (not sure if that's the national standard or just what they have at this CT location).
I tried a sausage AM Crunchwrap and it was honestly pretty good!  It's what you'd expect: breakfast foods in a crispy grilled tortilla, greasy, cheesy, salty, savory, with the tortilla, hot sauce, hash brown, and form factor making the distinction from other more traditional fare.  And the distinction is worth it!  TB's food scientists did a lot of work to make sure all this stuff tasted good together and they succeeded.  The AM Crunchwrap gets a recommendation from me.  Haven't tried the bacon or steak varieties but if the sausage passed muster then I imagine they would too.
I didn't try the Waffle Taco because the sausage AM Crunchwrap took care of nearly half my day's calories and I wanted to save room for dinner later.  But the next morning I went on my own to the one near my apartment and tried the steak version of the Breakfast Burrito.  It gets ignored in most of the coverage I've seen, but I grew up liking McDonald's breakfast burritos and wanted to compare.  Taco Bell's version blows McD's version away, in size, flavor, and the amount of meat.  McD's is mostly eggs with a little bit of sausage and the barest sprinkling of peppers and onions, but TB's had plenty of steak.  For some reason this location didn't have the "del sol" sauce that my coworker had brought the day before (maybe it's drive-thru only? dunno), but the standard sauces worked perfectly well.  I still like McD's version for what it is, and I will get it when I specifically desire it - in fact I'm a bit afraid that they'll change their breakfast burrito recipe (which has been the same since its introduction in 1991 or thereabouts) in response to TB's new products, but objectively TB's is the superior version.
I hadn't intended to get anything more there that morning, but I casually inquired with the counter girl if it was just breakfast they were serving.... and it turned out their full menu was available.  That's right.  Everything.  I couldn't believe it.  So I followed up my Breakfast Burrito with a Chili Cheese Burrito (which they still have!!) and a couple of Crunchy Tacos and decided I wasn't eating anything else the rest of the day.  I'd never ordered lunch/dinner items at a fast food place for breakfast before; I understand that certain places like Whataburger or Jack in the Box do this in certain regions, but those don't exist here in CT, and regardless, only Taco Bell is Taco Bell.
Taco Bell wants this new menu to be a McDonald's killer, and in a recent Q&A on Reddit, their president said there are more breakfast items on the way.  Based on what I've seen, they could indeed be a serious challenge.  I don't think anything's going to replace the Egg McMuffin, the Sausage Biscuit, or the Steak, Egg & Cheese Bagel, but I see TB pulling away a good chunk of McD's patrons first out of curiosity and then permanently since the stuff is actually good.  Certainly the younger ages that are TB's core demographic will be interested; I've always respected TB for being the only nationwide fast food chain to maintain a certain "hipness" that has eluded even the other Yum! Brands (Pizza Hut and KFC), and build a whole reputation on stoner/drunk foods and shameless gluttony.  Their Doritos Locos Tacos have been bestsellers.  They come out with whatever, whenever, but it never seems desperate in the way that, say, some of Burger King's stuff has been.  
Anyway, it's Saturday morning and I suggest making a run for the border and trying the new breakfast stuff!
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