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 burnt ends

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paul and louise

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burnt ends Wed, 06/16/04 1:03 PM (permalink)
have you ever sat down in a q joint and sheepishly asked if they had any burnt ends...only to get a puzzled look or a "whatz that, never heard of them"

is there a "burnt end belt"? how wide would such a belt be? louise introduced me to burnt ends in kc
i enjoyed them greatly, but can't seem to find them anywhere but kc
burnt ends are much too good to be kept a regional secret, and i can't go to kc every time i get a craving>>>>>>>>educate us someone
    mayor al

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    RE: burnt ends Wed, 06/16/04 1:21 PM (permalink)
    You're right about the Burnt ends in K C...They even show up on the Menu at some of the BBQ Places. We did have some at a BBQ stand just across the line in OK a few miles from Joplin MO. Maybe the term is a Missouri Thing??
    When we did the Whole Hog BBQ trip last winter, I asked Mr Hays, Keeper of the Treasure and PitMaster Plus in Lexington TN, about what to order when looking for meat from a Whole Hog BBQ. He described the various parts of the pig--ham- loin- ribs- and Middlin'. When I asked what to ask for when I wanted the crispy/chewy outer edges of the pig, he told me that was the 'Bark'. I did get some good samples of BARK at a couple of the other places we stopped at that day. I have never seen it available on a menu though.
      Lucky Bishop

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      RE: burnt ends Wed, 06/16/04 2:23 PM (permalink)
      You rarely see the term burnt ends outside of Kansas City. They're on the menu at Blue Ribbon Barbecue in Boston, but what they serve as burnt ends is much more like what you occasionally see on the menu at KC places as "brownies": chunks of the lean end of the brisket, in sauce. Quite nice, actually, but not the same thing you'd get at Arthur Bryant's or the like.

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        RE: burnt ends Wed, 06/16/04 2:33 PM (permalink)
        Uncle Willie's in Waterbury CT offer burnt ends, which are everything you would expect them to be. I believe it's a combination of Beef and pork. Uncle Willy knows his BBQ, and offers a variety of styles.

        There's a Bar/Restaurant in called the Winchester Cafe in Portland CT that offers "burnt ends". These are not what you would expect. More like smoked cubes of meat with some sauce.

        Those are the only two place I've seen the term "burnt ends" used in the BBQ places I've tried in NC, GA, CT, NH, MA.
          Bill B.

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          RE: burnt ends Wed, 06/16/04 2:36 PM (permalink)
          Back when Arthur Bryant was still alive, his pit man would pile the end shreds and fatty chunks onto a steel platter that sat at the head of the serving line. You'd reach through a window and take a handful to gnaw on while waiting to place your order. Man oh man!

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            RE: burnt ends Wed, 06/16/04 3:21 PM (permalink)
            Some GA BBQ places, if you ask for end slices, you'll get the charred surface cuts of pork BBQ - that is a treat. Most places, sadly, chop it into the BBQ mixture, which ain't a bad thing, but sometimes those end slices are wonderful. When I smoke my own BBQ, I always make sure I get the end slices before anyone else - kind of like "carver's privilege."
              Michael Stern

              RE: burnt ends Wed, 06/16/04 3:39 PM (permalink)
              I believe that what Southern Indiana barbecues call "soaks" are in fact burnt ends. Or maybe they're brownies...

              Early in our traveling career,we decided we loved burnt ends as well as those hunks known as brownies. While traveling through the Arizona desert -- without air conditioning in our car! -- we saw a sign up ahead that said "BBQ - Brownies." We staggered in from the sun, semi delirious, and demanded a plate of brownies ... only to find out that Brownie was the guy who owned the place, and they just hadn't bothered with an apostrophe on the sign.

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                RE: burnt ends Wed, 06/16/04 4:30 PM (permalink)
                I' ve never seen the term "burnt end" here in Texas, but I usually order my sliced beef sandwiches at BBQ places here with "plenty of char". They know what I mean.

                Louie Mueller's BBQ in Taylor, Tx. hands out burnt ends while you are waiting to order. It's a treat!

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                  RE: burnt ends Thu, 06/17/04 12:16 PM (permalink)
                  Bill B., you are so correct. The inside knowledge of the FREE burnt ends tray was the biggest prize at Bryant's. The counter guy didn't care how much you'd take, either. As previously noted To Bushie in some other thread ,the other prize was knowing that door went to the 2nd dining room with the Old color TV to watch baseball on Saturdays.
                  Snead's always had burnt ends, but you had to order them. Most other KC joints never picked up on burnt ends. I agree with your love of Boyd's in that sandwich thread, by the way. He was the best. He opened a 2nd location for a while on Merriam Lane west of Roe. Since I lived down the street, it was heaven, but Quick's up the street had too big a following and he closed that adventure after a few years.

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                    RE: burnt ends Thu, 06/17/04 12:18 PM (permalink)
                    Brisket burnt ends are now available in the Atlanta area at KC Pit BBQ in Sandy Springs. I have yet to try them, but a dining companion (Texan)on my two trips has ordered them both times - and pronounced them quite good. I have ordered a brisket plate and lamb rib plate thus far. Next trip I plan to order my own burnt ends. Their website is:

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                      • Location: Charlotte, NC
                      RE: burnt ends Thu, 06/17/04 12:43 PM (permalink)
                      In North Carolina, most Lexington-style BBQ joints will offer burnt ends. Just ask for "outside brown."

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                        RE: burnt ends Thu, 06/17/04 1:20 PM (permalink)
                        Originally posted by oneiron339

                        Some GA BBQ places, if you ask for end slices, you'll get the charred surface cuts of pork BBQ - that is a treat. Most places, sadly, chop it into the BBQ mixture, which ain't a bad thing, but sometimes those end slices are wonderful. When I smoke my own BBQ, I always make sure I get the end slices before anyone else - kind of like "carver's privilege."

                        My husband will put in a fork in your hand if you try to take what we call the end pieces, it's not the "carver's privilege" in his case it's the "carver's husband's privilege", as I do all the carving in our house, if fact he and his brother-in-law almost come to punches at family gatherings whenever my father-in-law does a eye of round on the rotisserie grill. BUT since I'm the carver I get one end and my husband gets the other, brother-in-law loses. One suggestion once was to stand the eye of round on one end and slice off the whole outer layer. Silly boys. If your grill is equipped with a rotis that's one way to get a good even crispy layer on most anything and we grill that way often. I personally favor carving the Thanksgiving turkey most as I get the first slice of fresh hot turkey breast, skin attached!

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                          RE: burnt ends Thu, 06/17/04 2:05 PM (permalink)
                          I make my own burnt ends when I am cooking packer briskets. After the whole brisket is cooked, I cut the point, or fatty end, of the packer and cut it into pieces like little chunks. I throw some more rub on them and put them back in the smoker for another couple of hours. But I don't drown them in sauce like Bryants and other KC places. To me, they are just fine as they are when they come out of the smoker. Burnt ends are a true delicacy in the BBQ world.


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                            RE: burnt ends Thu, 06/17/04 4:08 PM (permalink)
                            The best burnt ends, beside my own, I ever had was at Fiorella's Jack Stacks in Martin City a suburb of K.C.Mo.

                            There are two kinds, the ones that are naturally occuring and the one's they make up on purpose for the consumer's. If you are lucky enough to get the one's that are natural they are out of this world tasty, the other one's are not all that bad but there is no comparison. Oh and the BBQ beans there are just about the very best anywhere.

                              Bill B.

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                              RE: burnt ends Fri, 06/18/04 10:36 AM (permalink)
                              It just so happens that I am taking my parents to the Martin City Jack Stack tomorrow night for a Fathers Day dinner. It will please me no end to bring back a full and sauce-stained report.
                                Bill B.

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                                RE: burnt ends Fri, 06/18/04 10:45 AM (permalink)
                                Bill Voss,

                                When I left KC in 1992, Boyd's was still open on Prospect. Imagine my disappointment to return for a brisket sandwich a few years later and find the location boarded and empty.

                                Do you know if Richard France has anything going in KC these days? He was Bryant's last pit man, a tall, bearded guy who'd be in his 60s now, I guess. After Bryant died, France opened his own place, first in Independence and then downtown, calling it Richard's Barbecue. It didn't last very long.

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                                  RE: burnt ends Fri, 06/18/04 11:48 AM (permalink)
                                  Hey! billy B. I fell in love & left in '85, and look wistfully back towards those days. I'm a KCK-Roeland Park and SMN guy. Went to school with the Quicks. Richard was the Man! We ate at the downtown location, across from the Savoy, and for a while he was under the RR bridge there on hwy 50, but commerce always seemed secondary to turning out the perfect Q for him. He seems to be the X factor as far as AB's, cuz he doesn't get mentioned in all the platitudes heaped on the Bryant operation, but you & I know it's him who received Arthur's blessing and secret insights.....
                                    paul and louise

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                                    RE: burnt ends Thu, 06/24/04 4:06 PM (permalink)
                                    last night on the food channel, bobby flay was touring kcmo for q
                                    he went to arthur bryants and took the cameras behind the counter
                                    to see the operation-burnt ends specifically
                                    they take the whole brisket after cooking and cut it into chunks which are smoked a couple more hours
                                    then sauce was added and back into the pit for another half hour
                                    this is how they keep up with the demand
                                    interestingly the owner suggested they were doing enough extra burnt ends to supply other "q" establishments
                                    could the ends at others be arthur's with their sauce?
                                    sounds like a proffitable sideline
                                      Bill B.

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                                      • Location: Columbia, MO
                                      RE: burnt ends Thu, 06/24/04 4:32 PM (permalink)
                                      Last Saturday night, I had dinner at Jack Fiorella's Jack Stack in Martin City. We started with a couple of large orders of onion rings and progressed to some serious barbecue.

                                      I had a special platter filled with beef burnt ends and a meaty chunk of smoked prime rib bone. Tasty stuff, with good flavor and texture. Supremely tender. But for nearly $20, there should have been more meat. This is barbecue for the middle classes, I guess, and you pay for the clean surroundings.

                                      Verdict: Very good barbecue for a classier, sit-down restaurant, but it won't supplant old-fashioned barbecue joints like LC's, Bryant's, Roy's and McClaren's in my list of preferred places.
                                        Ort. Carlton.

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                                        RE: burnt ends Thu, 06/24/04 7:00 PM (permalink)
                                        Tomorrow for the lunch special, The Normaltown Cafe' is going to offer pulled BBQ pork. It will be cooked in the oven at first, but if it goes over (and it's being added to the Sunday regular menu as well), Judy the owner is thinking seriously of buying a smoker for just that purpose. She's made up a recipe for a vinegar/mustard sauce, and Patrick the chef says he'll seriously consider my suggestion for the addition of liquid smoke (Colgin's, naturally).
                                        Just think... I ask for the "crunchies" of the pork loin on Wednesdays... now I can start asking for the burnt ends on Sundays!
                                        By the way, there are three new BBQ places hereabouts. As soon as I'm able to see well enough to get clear across town to them - or find a companion who'll drive, I'll report back to y'all.
                                        No Longer Cluelessly Cueless After Tomottow, Ort. Carlton in Cloudied-Up Athens, Georgia.

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                                          RE: burnt ends Thu, 06/24/04 9:30 PM (permalink)
                                          I've often heard it called "crust". Some places even ask if you want some of the crust.

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                                            RE: burnt ends Mon, 07/12/04 11:10 PM (permalink)
                                            here in calif. , where tri-tip is king , folks line up just like you guys tell it ... , "may i have a few of those burnt ends , please ?"
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