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Shaffer Farms Texas Bar-B-Q

4 Vaughn Staggs Road, Summertown, TN - (931) 964-6328
Posted By Dave Reasons on 1/4/2011 7:30:00 AM
When you walk into the front entrance of Shaffer Farm Store, you are greeted by a long case of the some of the best-looking cuts of meats you’ll see anywhere. This ain’t your rinky-dink meat counter at the Walmart. The sight of all these great cuts of meats gets your tastebuds ready for some great barbecue.

After you go through the swinging doors take a right, go up to the counter, and place your order. On the day we visited, one of our party had the brisket and homemade sausage, another had the rib plate, and I had the three-meat combo (ribs, brisket, and BBQ pork). There are many sides from which to choose but we had ranch potato salad, barbecue beans, and coleslaw.

All the meats are tender and smoked well. The only complaint we have is that they are a little stingy on the sauce. If you want more it is a 25-cent charge for about an ounce-and-a-half portion. The sizes of the meat portions are very generous and the side items are served in six-ounce Styrofoam cups. None of us went away hungry. All of the meals are served in cardboard trays and Styrofoam containers, so presentation is what you would expect in most good “Mom and Pop” barbecue restaurants. Soft drinks are available in bottles; sweet and unsweet tea could also be ordered.

Since the meal portions are so large we didn’t do desserts this trip. They have some great looking homemade cakes and pies available. Next time we’ll give them a try.

UPDATE 01.03.11 - Revisited Shaffer's; still great food. They now have sauce setting on tables so there is no upcharge now for sauce. Also, they have started opening on Mondays.

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5 - Overall: Legendary - Worth driving from anyplace
Overall: Legendary - Worth driving from anyplace
Smoked Brisket
Bar-B-Q Pork
St. Louis Cut Ribs
Ranch Potato Salad
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A great three-meat combo with a side of slaw and ranch potato salad.
"A great three-meat combo with a side of slaw and ranch potato salad."
Dave Reasons

Rib plate with a side of ranch potato salad and slaw.
"Rib plate with a side of ranch potato salad and slaw."
Dave Reasons

Makes you think you're in Texas.
"Makes you think you're in Texas."
Dave Reasons

Great meats and barbecue.
"Great meats and barbecue."
Dave Reasons

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