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Seoul Sausage Co.

11313 Mississippi Avenue, Los Angeles, CA - (310) 477-7738
Posted By Marlene Steinberg on 3/10/2013 7:13:00 PM
I heard about Seoul Sausage a few months ago. I gave them a few months to smooth out the rough edges and recently I gave them a try. The Seoul Sausage guys were the number one winner in the Great Food Truck Race, season three. They opened their storefront in a West Los Angeles neighborhood not far from UCLA. It's an area that was always a Japanese neighborhood. In the past several years many small restaurants opened and are thriving there. Seoul Sausage Co. sits amongst many noodle, sushi, and Japanese restaurants.

They offer two kinds of sausage sandwiches so I ordered one of each, to go. The Galbi is an all-beef sausage served with a minced kimchi dressing and an aioli sauce, served on a dense, delicious roll. Imagine the thin cuts of marinated beef that you'd cook on a flattop stuffed into a sausage. The Spicy Pork reminds me more of a hot Polish or Cajun sausage. What sets it apart is the apple slaw. It's a Korean slaw dog.

The wait for your sausage isn't long because they have them warming in a big pot of simmering water. When you order one they pop it on the grill for a nice char. I must go back because they also offer something I've never heard of: Galbi Poutine! I'll let someone else try the Masubi Balls.

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Overall: Legendary - Worth driving from anyplace
Seoul Sausage
Korean Sausage
Galbi Poutine
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Spicy pork with apple slaw and Galbi with kimchi slaw and aioli sauce
"Spicy pork with apple slaw and Galbi with kimchi slaw and aioli sauce"
Marlene Steinberg

Marlene Steinberg

Seoul Sausage Co.
"Seoul Sausage Co."
Marlene Steinberg

Display case and menu
"Display case and menu"
Marlene Steinberg

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