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Tony's Lunch

23 E. Main St, Girardville, PA -
Posted By Michael Whyne on 8/30/2013 7:57:00 PM
For those of you that aren't Pennsylvania Anthracite coal region kids, I offer you this explanation about Tony's: It is a legend. It is truly a must visit place if you ever get lost and end up in Girardville at night. They keep strange hours (7:30pm-2ish am) Wednesday-Sunday and if you've never been there, you should find someone who has and go with them.

There's a strange order to this place. You walk in, take a number near the register and either find a place to sit or stand there and wait. Bernie will get around to you when she gets around to you. It's a shabby little place with the vent from the grill blowing out onto the sidewalk, seemingly beckoning the faithful. There are dollar bills with all manner of writing on the walls and people in every stage of sobriety.

Now you might be asking yourself, why I'm recommending this place? It's for the screamer, the venerable staple of Tony's menu. This hamburger is made from a huge hunk of fresh ground beef, lovingly fried on an industrial sized grill and topped with a silly hot "chili" sauce that's as black as the devil's soul. Legend says the sauce is added to every day with its original origins sometime in the 1960's. You can order it "SOS" (sauce on both sides), quick cheese (un-melted cheese) and with, I kid you not, marshmallow fluff on it. Believe it or not, adding the fluff with the silly hot and tasty sauce is very good. But it is very sloppy. Order it with two chocolate milks and you're good to go. I once made the mistake of getting the French fries with the hot sauce on it. If you hate your digestive system, this is a good choice.

I have to be totally honest... I love Tony's Lunch. It's one of those places that generations of local families go to and everyone has a story about it. Try it. If you hate it, don't go back. But you just might end up loving it, too.

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5 - Overall: Legendary - Worth driving from anyplace
Overall: Legendary - Worth driving from anyplace
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The screamer, with marshmallow fluff.  Photo by Michael Whyne.
"The screamer, with marshmallow fluff. Photo by Michael Whyne."
Cliff Strutz

The cheesesteak.  Photo by Michael Whyne.
"The cheesesteak. Photo by Michael Whyne."
Cliff Strutz

Michael Whyne

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