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El Taurino Tacos

2306 W 11th St, Los Angeles, CA - (213) 738-1917
Posted By Elise on 7/2/2014 2:11:00 AM
El Taurino Tacos is located on a corner of a 3-way stop where Hoover, Olympic and South Park View Streets converge. Its bright lights beckon, promising good eats 24 hours a day. Painted above the door is the promise: A NICE PLACE TO EAT. This is drunk food at its finest.

The menu boasts some of the once adventurous bits Angelinos have come to expect as typical: sesos, cabeza, lengua and buche. But what calls us over at 3am are the carne asada and suadero. Suadero is usually brisket, but can be a number of different cuts including flank steak. It is sometimes called falda (skirt), which along with a Spanish butchering diagram lends credence to it being flank. Some people claim it is the testicles, but that is an urban legend or they are messing with you.

The asada steak and suadero at El Taurino are the highest grade cuts of meat we have ever been served in a taqueria. No gristle, no fat, just delicious meat good enough for a steakhouse. The suadero does not have the toughness or grain of a flank or brisket. It is like pure sirloin.

The pastor, marinated pork cooked on a spit like shawarma, or gyro, is also famous at El Taurino. On weekends they serve barbacoa. The salsas are burning hot and delicious. The only complaint is that the tacos are smaller than your standard soft tacos. But at $1.25 each, you can afford enough to fill you up. The higher price is worth it for the quality. You can also order burritos, tortas (Mexican sandwiches) and tamales.

Meanwhile, hang out and trip out on the stuffed and mounted bull heads and other bullfight-themed decor. When friends come from out of town and want you to take them for real LA tacos, this is the place to go.

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Suadero tacos
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brisket/flank steak at $1.25 each
"brisket/flank steak at $1.25 each"

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